I’m always trying to find new projects that are easy and relatively inexpensive to do so that I can attempt them/evolve them and then share them on the blog.

This means that I have scraps of paper with jotted notes EVERYWHERE.  
What stores to use for affiliate links, a reminder to schedule a birthday party for Chloe, potential advertisers that I need to create ads for and of course endless notes on things to do for upcoming articles…
which means my desk is almost always in disarray.

Well, I was strolling through Dollarama the other day getting together a few little goodies for our annual “You’ve Been Boo’d” tradition (upcoming post) and I came across a Slinky in the toy section.

I’d seen Slinky’s on Pinterest used to hold business cards for a cute display on your desk:

Just slide them in between layers and fan out.
Much more appealing to potential customers – particularly if you have a great card (Thank you Amazing Amy!)

Now here comes the evolution of an idea…

if it holds business cards, then what about Christmas or Birthday cards?

I put a bunch of blog thank you’s between the coils to see if it would hold it’s shape.
It did – love it!

Cute right?  Almost like a Slinky rolodex.

I’m thinking maybe put this on the kitchen counter with the incoming mail in it.  Then you can see your bills etc right in front of you – in order by due date!

Still evolving…

What about as a desktop photo display.
I could put 10 photos in here and they’d all be visible and easily flipped through!

But the real reason I wanted the Slinky was to corral all of my notes to one visible and easily accessible location:

If I ever manage to get everything on these notes completed, I may even see if I can still get it to do a lap down the stairs! lol

Oh!  Something else I have to share;  have you seen or read “Outlander“?
My friend Leslie told me about it and I watched an entire season in one night!  Up to after 3am (and I’m never up after 9:30).  It’s that good!  It ended on a cliffhanger though and the series is on hiatus, so now I’m plowing through the book – over 500 pages in just two days.

I found an online copy on Tuebl.ca.  I’m not sure the legalities of sharing this, so I’ll leave it at “I came across a free copy (epub) of the book on this site”.  That doesn’t count as a referral or endorsement does it?  Just a fact that I’m nonchalantly sharing with you?

Leslie also told me about salted caramel hot chocolates from Starbucks….  

Love you Les!

Have a great one!

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