We are coming into our 10th year in this house.

We built it and moved in Christmas 2005 with all new appliances etc.

Which means it’s right about now that they are all going to start breaking down.

We know it.

We haven’t saved for it though. (Uh oh)

Some of our neighbours have already had to replace items.

Our dishwasher has been threatening us for about a week now…
dishes on the top rack aren’t getting cleaned at all, and this morning I found the spinner-blade-thingy laying on the bottom of the unit.

I called Miele and they very kindly asked if I’d tried to just “click it back on”. WHEW!
That was a service call avoided! (and dough-head me really should have tried that initially anyways). However, sometimes it’s not that easy. We were lucky this time, but we probably do need to start thinking about getting a new dishwasher. Using companies like Sarkinen Plumbing in Vancouver, WA makes the job easier. You could always try and find your local plumber though, I’m sure they could help you install a new dishwasher!

But while I was in there futzing, I noticed the state of the screen-filter-thingy. (yes, that is the technical name)

Dishwasher maintenance and cleaning


No wonder our dishes are sub-sub-standard.
I’m pretty sure this is what salmonella looks like right before it enters the body.

Dishwasher maintenance and cleaning

I’ve cleaned it before – but I have to be honest and say not nearly often enough (as you can tell).
Maybe every 4 months?

ENJO to the rescue!

The ENJO kitchen cloth got a lot of it off, but I went the extra mile with the Marble paste and a toothbrush to try and get into all the little crevices.

Dishwasher maintenance and cleaning

There’s still some yellowed areas, but knowing that I’ve cleaned it 6x better than I could have with chemicals has me feeling a lot better about running a cycle tonight.

Dishwasher maintenance and cleaning

This isn’t a sponsored post. It’s just the cleaner I use and I like to share with you guys what I find works and what doesn’t.

Dishwasher maintenance and cleaning

Nice and sparkly – and crud-free.

Dishwasher maintenance and cleaning

I may get one more year out of this baby yet!

Dishwasher maintenance and cleaning

That really should be Fighting Irish in the centre – just sayin’

Have a great one!