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Clean Air With DIY Charcoal Freshener

Activated charcoal is very effective in removing odours because it has the ability to capture and absorb bad smells. (Before using charcoal make an informed decision by researching any side effects it might have, particularly if there are medical conditions in your home.)  Charcoal absorbs bad odours removing them from the air and leaving your room scent-free.  Air fresheners simply add an additional odour/scent over top of the existing smell to disguise it versus removing it altogether.

Before putting the charcoal briquettes away in the end of the grilling season, check these easy and cheap ideas for DIY air fresheners:

  • You can just lay a few charcoal briquettes on a metal tray and leave them in the room. Another option you have is to sew pouches and fill them with charcoal or simply use an old sock to store the charcoal briquettes and hang them in unobtrusive places.

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  • You can put foil or plastic to line a basket and fill it with charcoal briquettes. This will eliminate any unpleasant odours in the room.
  • You can lay charcoal briquettes on a tray on a side table to work as odour remover. The black pillow you create will look good and function as a deodorizer / air cleaner.

It is very important to use natural charcoal briquettes and not those with additives. Natural charcoal, without easy-light additives, is cheaper than the briquettes that are sold for your BBQ and it is also safer for your health so you can place it liberally in every room you decide.

Activated charcoal or carbon is ideal for removing bad odours. There are different types of charcoals out there – to achieve the best results for making an air cleaner you are best to use the aquarium filter charcoal which is inexpensive and the most effective. Activated charcoal works significantly better as an odour remover than regular charcoal. You can find activated charcoal in any pet shop – look for it in the fish area.

Use activated charcoal to remove odours from your home

To make a fridge odour remover / air cleaner you will need activated carbon, a mason jar, a needle, pin or something sharp to punch holes in the cap of the jar and white paper. First, cut out two circles from a white sheet of paper having the same size as the size of the lid of your mason jar. Draw a letter with a pencil on one of the circles. Place this circle on the top side of the mason jar. The other circle put under it. Make holes inside the whole letter with a pin and in the end remove the top template. Place the jar in the refrigerator, bathroom or any room you decide. The activated charcoal should stay inside the mason jar with the perforated cap. Carbon removes odours better than baking soda.

Use activated charcoal to remove odours from your home

The easiest way to create a charcoal air cleaner is by putting it in a cheesecloth that is airy enough and making a bundle of it. Strap the bundle with a ribbon and put it anywhere you decide. The activated charcoal will refresh the air, cleaning and absorbing all unpleasant odours from it. Cheesecloth you can find in grocery markets or you can substitute it with nylon stockings or any other net-like textile.

Instead of masking the unpleasant odours, it is better to remove them, activated carbon is perfect for this purpose. Cleaning the air with charcoal briquettes is easy and efficient. The activated charcoal’s surface areas are very porous which makes them excellent for trapping bad smells. The activated charcoal functions as a sponge that absorbs all odours. Purifying and cleaning the air can be easy and effective if you use activated charcoal or carbon as your air cleaner.

This article was kindly contributed by Anna Aamone, owner Finchley Carpet Cleaning

After reading this article from Anna, I immediately ran out to the pet store to get my own activated charcoal.  The package I found had three sachets in it and came to $8.49 for the box.  I did purchase additional sachets at the dollar store, just in case the casing split and I tucked one into Hubby’s hockey bag.

Use activated charcoal to remove odours from your home

My GOD this bag stinks!  All the time, no matter what I do – until now – I went back to check on the bag a couple of hours later and the charcoal had already reduced the stink considerably.

I wrapped up a second sachet and put it by the litter box.  Cats are so sensitive to smell that air fresheners would be a deterrent and quite possibly harmful if used near their litter.  By hanging a small bag of activated charcoal near their litter, I am effectively removing odours non-toxically.

Use activated charcoal to remove odours from your home


You learn something new every day eh?  Thank you Anna!


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