Time to do a double-good-deed today – we’re going to repurpose a mayonnaise jar so that it doesn’t end up in the landfill AND we’re going to help out nature by feeding the birds – or more likely squirrels.

This is just a Hellman’s mayonnaise jar (plastic) that I peeled the label off of and ran through the dishwasher 
(note: only put this on the top shelf or the plastic will melt with the heating/drying setting – learned the hard way)

Bird feeder 01

Cut about 2/3’s of the lid off, but leave enough of the rim to adhere to the jar.

I drew a line and then used a saw….

jar lid with line indicating where to cut

which in cold weather is not the best idea (learned the hard way) because the plastic cracks easily.

I’m thinking I should have gone exacto knife or perhaps utility scissors.

To smooth out the sharp edges I just wiped it a few times with sandpaper – we don’t want any cut bird-toes (are they called talons on little birds?)

lid cut at line

Drill a hole in the bottom of the container just large enough to feed a string through.

arrow pointing to hole drilled in jar

Glue the lid onto the jar and run the string through the wide opening and back through the hole in the bottom.

Once the glue has set – fill with seeds and hang from a tree!

bird feeder (mayonnaise jar) hanging in tree

I’d seen this idea done with a coffee canister, but I think a see-through container makes more sense – how else will you know when it’s empty?

mayonnaise jar bird feeder hanging in tree

Your good deed for the day!

Making the world a better place – one small project at a time!

Have a great one!

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