I’ve seen DIY Christmas trees all over Pinterest.
It looked so easy, and I could make ones that would match my decor for a fraction of what they cost at the store…

You know I had to try.

You will need:

  • bristol board or some flexible cardboard
  • spray adhesive
  • fabric/s
  • trim/embellisments
  • hot glue gun & glue
  • scissors

I’m going to show you the cheater version here – none of that measuring and cutting perfectly stuff. lol

Roll your bristol board and figure out approximately how much you’ll need to make a cone.

Don’t spray the adhesive without protecting the underlying surface.

 Use your spray adhesive to glue the fabric to the bristol board, leaving an edge of fabric overhang.

Glue the overhang to the opposite side of the bristol board – this will give you a nice finished edge.

You don’t need to do this at the bottom edge as we’ll be cutting it later.

Roll your fabric-covered bristol board back in to a cone shape starting at the straight edge and making the top of your tree very tight.

Starting at the angled edge will give you a spiralling edge when finished like here (learned the hard way)

If you begin with the straight edge when rolling your cone shape, you’ll have a finished side like this:

  Glue down with the hot glue and hold in place until set.

Your bottom edge will be crooked – use a measuring tape or ruler to mark out how tall you want your tree to be.

Mark in several spots around the base of the tree so that your cut line will be straight, then cut along it.

Garnish, embellish, decorate however you see fit!

I’m not sure about that one with the gold tassels?
Maybe I should have let “less is less”?  (learned the hard way)

Maybe I need a level – those don’t look straight to me?

If you want to add an extra sumpin-sumpin, place the cones over candle holders leaving the base of the candle stand showing like a pedestal.

Have a great one!