When you got your puppy or kitten, did you get/buy a book of coupons for a local pet store?

When we got Phoebe a few weeks ago, they gave us a coupon book as a thank you for adopting from our local Humane Society. We had most of the stuff we needed for a new kitten, especially knowing that you can buy cat toys at vetproductsdirect.com, but I decided to go to PetSmart and pick up a few of the items they were offering – like the free kitten food, free wet food, discounts on treats etc.

While I was there I got to eyeballing the scratching posts they had for the cats. I even looked online for a Sale on scratching posts. Not just regular scratching posts – we’re talking high-rise condos with multiple floors, hanging toys and even little houses built in. The cheapest they carried came in at $50, and even with the discount coupon I knew Hubby would go ape shit it still seemed a bit hefty.

So I planned out my own “improv” version:

Make your own cat scratching post/window stand

This was my blueprint – the measurements I took down as I was building it.

I had some wood ends to work with, so I laid them out and tried to figure out what I needed height-wise and so that it wouldn’t topple.

Cat scratching post 2

I’ll give you my measurements here, just in case you want to give this a whirl and save yourself $50.

  • Base: 1″ wood – cut to 12″ by 18″
  • Post: 2 x 4 – cut to 20″ long
  • Platform: 1″ wood – cut to 11″ by 14″
  • Angled board: 2 x 3 – 21″ long cut both ends at an 18 degree angle (you’ll cut opposite angles on each side, so either way you measure it will be 21″ long)

Because I didn’t have a full board long enough, I used my Kreg Jig to attach two boards together.

We had some carpet remnants in the basement from when we moved in, so I wrapped a piece around this base part and cut it at the point where the ends met.

Cat scratching post 3

I used 3/4 screws to hold the carpet pieces in place – mainly because they wouldn’t pull out of the wood easily and because they had a broad top to hold it flush. Unless you have really long industrial staples, I don’t think stapling or even nailing would work as well.

Once it was wrapped around the base, I cut off three sides using an exacto knife – this allowed me to take the remaining edge and flip it up and over the end to cover it completely. Screw down.
Cat scratching post 4

Here’s my giant screw up(s) – 1. I cut the carpet remnant too short for the top platform and then 2. I screwed it into place upside down – so I didn’t even hide my screw up underneath.


Once your base is wrapped and your platform is wrapped, attach your 2 x 4 post to the base – yup, you can screw right through the carpet. I used the Kreg Jig again – twice on one side, and then again on the other (top and bottom) so that it was solidly in place.

Screw the post up into the platform as well.

Then wrap your post with another carpet remnant. I needed to piece together a couple of bits, but once it’s in place – if you fit it snugly – you shouldn’t notice the seam much at all.
Cat scratching post 5

I measured out the angled piece at 21″ – but so you can replicate it, I just laid my level on top and inserted the piece between the two levels until it read level.

Did I say “level” enough times?

Draw a line on the board where the cut needs to be made and make one on each end at an 18 degree angle. Note: the angle on the bottom will be opposite to the one on the top.

Again, use the Kreg Jig to pre-drill holes in the top and bottom and then screw into place.

Cat scratching post 6

This final post will (eventually) be covered with a sisal or hemp rope so they can claw away at it as well – but for now I think the “Catapult” painting the girls did is kind of cute.

I sprinkled catnip all over it and rubbed it into the carpet to entice them to try it out….

Cat scratching post 7

It’s tall enough that they can sit in the window and watch the birds if they want and they can scratch away and leave my poor sofas alone.

Cat scratching post 8

So far so good – we’ve had it for 2 days and Phoebe seems to really like it!

I think it just needs a dangling ball or something – but overall, it’s an easy DIY that can save you a ton of money.

Make your own cat scratching post - easy DIY

Have a great one!

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