Hubby is his own worst enemy.

He is brilliant, gorgeous, a hard worker and a great Dad – but he is messy and lackadaisical in that he puts things down and loses them.

Honestly – I think he loses his wallet at least once per week.
This week he set himself up for failure by leaving his earphones laying out where Otis could find them.

I covered Otis’ pre-disposition to eating cords here.
This battle – Otis won – (expensive) earphones are no more.

I thought I’d try to help him out by giving him a secure charging station that is 
1. near the bed so he doesn’t miss any midnight texts of hockey highlights from his buddies  
2.  close enough that he can hear his phone alarm go off in the morning  
3. out of reach of our cord-destroying-cat 

Nightstand it is!

Step 1.
You’ll need to drill a hole for the cord to go through.  I only had a 1″ drill bit, which wasn’t quite big enough for the power bar plug to fit through so you’ll see I had to double-up on the holes.

Step 2
Put your power bar in the drawer and determine where the cord will exit at the back.

Step 3
Drill a hole (or in my case 2) in the back of the drawer AND in the back of the nightstand.

This is a side tip;  if your drawers are stiff to slide, take a cheap candle and rub the wax on the tracks.  (On the drawer bottom and on the track in the cabinet)  Slide the drawer back and forth a few times and you’ll find it glides like Buttah!

Step 4
Feed the power bar cord through the back of the drawer and again through the back of the nightstand/cabinet and plug into the wall.

That’s it!
Load up your iPhone, iPad etc and plug into the single power bar.

It doesn’t get any easier than this – “Hubby, when you go to bed, put your electronics in the drawer and plug them in – then close the drawer so Odie can’t get them.”

Sorry, sometimes I have to lob the ball slowly in order for him to catch it. lol 

Mess – eliminated.
Potential for damage – eliminated
Organized and tidy – YES!

 Have a great one!

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