Have you seen images like these on Pinterest and Instagram?

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Tree shelving from Little Red Industries:

Wood tree (triangle) plans

A different version of tree shelving from Pretty Wood Things on Instagram:

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My hero – Jaime – at That’s My Letter;

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.17.34 PM

And this cute decorated version from Classy Clutter:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.19.34 PM

I love them all, but I don’t really need shelving that you can’t leave up all year, and the ornament tree is adorable, but again, do I really need one?

Nope, what I do need though is a way to showcase my Christmas cards (now that I’ve finally sent mine out – hopefully some will come back in return).

How can I make my “want” of this tree, fill my “need” of a Christmas card display?


There are different plans at the above links, but I “winged it” – so here is my take on creating a Christmas card display/triangle tree:

You will need:

  • 1 x 2″
  • Scrap piece/pieces of wood to make a 6 x 6″ square
  • Finishing nails
  • Wood glue
  • sandpaper
  • Paint or stain
  • Ribbon

DIY Christmas Card Display - wood tree with ribbon

This was a comedy in figuring out angles and lengths – I never “shined” at math – so what ended up happening was I laid out my wood and then traced lines by overlapping one board onto the other to get my angles.  For you, I’ll tell you what they were so you don’t have to futz.

The longest board (on the left) is 27″ long from point to point.  The angle on the top of the board is 49 degrees and on the bottom is  19 degrees.

The second longest board is 25″ from point to point and the top angle is 50 degrees and the bottom is also 19 degrees.

Finally, the base is just 18.5″ flat – no angles need to be cut.

(Take this with a grain of salt – I used the measurements on my mitre saw, but couldn’t verify them with a protractor because I couldn’t remember how to use one)

Christmas Card Tree - 2

I put a 5″ x 5″ base on mine to help it stand, but I would have been better to create a 6″ by 6″ base for better stability.  Mine stands without toppling, but it could be better.

Attaching the sides was another fiasco – I tried using my Kreg Jig to create hidden pocket holes, but with a 1 x 2″, the wood is too thin and the angles too steep for it to work.  I ended up using wood glue and plain old wood screws to hold it all together.  For a cleaner look, finishing nails would be better.  I pre-drilled and then screwed from the side down into the base (on both sides) and from the right (25.5″) piece of wood up into the point.

Do they make clamps that can hold triangles?  Mine wandered all over the place and there were more than a few swear words uttered trying to hold it and drill it at the same time.  (It really doesn’t have to be that hard – I just like to make things as difficult as possible so that I can warn you ahead of time.)

I screwed the square base up into the base of the triangle and then added a coat of stain (Minwax Special Walnut).

Christmas Card Tree - 3

Now comes my creative genius…

I was debating about stringing the centre of the tree with fishing line so that it would be invisible, but I really didn’t want to add eye screws all over the place to string it through.  Plus, if I don’t get a single Christmas card this year, my tree would look so empty and bare.

I decided to hedge my bets and create a pretty tree for decor (just in case you don’t send me a card).  This is one you can leave out with or without cards on it.

I simply ran a long length of ribbon back and forth from the top of the triangle to the bottom stapling it in place as it reached each side.  Bring the ribbon back over itself to make the next row and you won’t see the staples at all!  If you plan on using your tree for a Christmas card display, you’ll want to make the ribbon fairly taught so your cards don’t drag it down.  If you choose a wider ribbon (this one is about 2″ wide) the top and bottom of it (where the staple isn’t holding it taught) will ripple slightly and make it look flowy and pretty.  Yup, flowy is a word in the 100T2D dictionary.

Christmas Card Tree - 4

Isn’t this pretty?

Okay, maybe not in this setting…

Christmas Card Tree - 5

Isn’t THIS pretty?!

I ran a length of ribbon zig-zag down both sides so that you have the option of displaying your tree anywhere and it will give you extra space if you get more Christmas cards than one side can hold.

Christmas Card Tree - 6

Finish your Christmas card display up with some cute clothes pins and voila!

Christmas Card Tree - 7

I got my triangle tree that I’ve been swooning over, but I’ve made it work for my needs.

God I’m good!

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Now for my great gift idea of the day…  (drumroll……)


Woohoo – totally original and creative right!?  Maybe not, but it could be packaged to be creative and original AND — USEFUL…

Great gift idea 4 - Wine wrapped in socks

Who doesn’t love socks right?  Okay, maybe the kids don’t want them for Christmas, but I’d take a warm cozy pair like these any day!  Drink the entire bottle yourself and it might just be the only thing you wear – no Hubby, I’m not thirsty.

The bottle slips into one sock and the second is tied around the neck for decoration.

I love this – easy, cute, useful, tasty and warm… how many gifts can you say that about?

Have a great one!


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