Only a blogger would decorate their home for Christmas before Hallowe’en has even come and gone.

My neighbours don’t even bat an eye anymore when they see pumpkins in August and sleds in October – I’m always ahead of the season, but it’s only so I can give you enough time to build/craft/create/pin/share/tweet before the actual day.

Case in point – my wooden sleighs (or sleds):  yup, my front porch is all monster’d up with a pumpkin wreath, skeleton dog, giant scary face over the door AND two Christmas sleds with pine boughs and berries.  Quite the statement I’m making right?

I call it Hallowmas.

BUT this is a project you HAVE TO MAKE.  Seriously – it’s relatively easy and it is such a gorgeous addition to your decor.

I can’t take credit for the idea – this is actually a knock-off from fellow Canadian Blogger “Fynes Designs”  Click the link to get the paper templates to create this project.

This is my first attempt at using a jig saw.  I’ve become comfortable with the mitre saw and decided it was time to broaden my power tool repertoire, and this project was my incentive.

They’re really not as bad as I imagined…. granted, I could use some practice, but I’m still typing with 10 digits, so I guess that counts as success.

You will need:

  • 1″ x 10″ piece of knotty pine, 6 feet long.
  • Wood screws – 2″ and 2.5″
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint and/or stain
  • Drill

First you need to print off the paper template and cut out the pieces.

Lay them out on your 1 x 10 like this:

DIY Christmas sled (for decor, not for sledding) Christmas sleigh

I needed to make a few adjustments to the print pieces – the three panels that make up the seat on the sled are only 3″ wide each – the directions indicate that they should be 3.5″ (but there’s not enough wood).

I used a kitchen bowl to round out the edges for the seat pieces to give me a more symmetrical shape.

The tutorial suggests painting the runners and cross beams before building,and having done two sleds (one painted first, and one afterwards), I’d agree – paint first.

Place the cross beams on the runners and space them about 15″ apart.  You can start anywhere – check out my photo below to see how one version looks with the cross beam near the rounded blade tips and one where it’s spaced further down the body.

The tutorial indicates to use a nail gun, but for solidity I chose to pre-drill holes up through the bottom of the runners and screw up into the cross braces with 2.5″ wood screws.  Remember, if you are using screws you WILL need to pre-drill or risk splitting the wood.

Wood Sled 2

Space out your seat boards so that the outside edges cover the cross brace edges then centre the middle seat board.  Pre-drill and screw into place using 2″ wood screws.

Cover the front cross brace with your steering board – lining up the edge of the steering piece with the flat edge of the cross brace.  Pre-drill and screw into place.

Drill holes in either end of the steering board and string with rope or thick twine.

Wood Sled 3

That’s it!

Put another coat of paint on and add a coating of varnish to protect your sleigh from the elements.

Wood Sled 4

I decorated mine with a few branches of pine, some fake berries and a bow.

Figure skates would have been a more ‘romantic’ prop – but I’m Canadian, and we don’t figure skate. lol

Wood Sled 5

I made two just in case I screwed one up so I could give one to my Mom.

Wood Sled 6

I’ll be honest and say that I’m going to make another as well – one for inside the house by the fireplace – maybe loaded up with logs for the fire?  Ooooh, or loaded up with gifts and set near the tree?  Maybe a smaller version to use as a centrepiece, loaded with candles?

Wood Sled 7

Thank you Fynes Designs – clearly you’ve created a monster here.

Wood Sled 8

Now you need to go tweet this, pin it, share it and whatever you call Google+’ing it.  You NEED this project on your Christmas to-do list!

Wood Sled 9

I could possibly be talked into making a few more – but you’d have to pre-order now so I have time to make them.

Wood Sled 10

Remember – This DIY Christmas Sleigh is for DECORATION ONLY.  These are not at all suitable for sledding – even after your “Molson Muscles” kick in.  (Hubby, I’m talking to you here)

Wood Sled FHave a great one!

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