I saw this on PBTeen:

Pottery Barn Teen:  Dottie Style-Tile 2.0

and I loved it!
But at $250.88 on sale, it was WAY out of my league.

So I improvised;
I bought an ugly $10 picture from Kijiji.
I bought a cork board from Home Depot.
I bought 2 fat-quarters from FabricLand.

I removed the picture, spray-painted the frame, cut the corkboard with an exacto-knife (even I can handle an exacto knife!) and then covered each of the squares with the fabric.

I re-inserted the tiles into the frame and added (at Chloë’s request) a ribbon trim and
The $20 “100Things2Do Style-Tile“:
Not too shabby?

I even had enough cork left over to make a zebra-print one for Madison: