There is almost nothing better in Spring, Summer and Fall than falling asleep with your windows open.
Listening to the crickets chirping, raccoons chattering and the gentle breeze that floats through your room 


The cross-current of air between rooms causes your door/s to slam shut.

It’s enough to make you wet your bed (don’t ask how I know this).

Well, I’m not willing to give up the cool night air;  winters here are too long, so I’m going to cherish every moment I can.

I saw these in a magazine recently and LOVED them.


Unfortunately, I don’t live near the water so the theme is lost on me…. BUT the idea is great!

So I came up with my own version using just scrap material from other projects.

You will need:
20″ by 26″ of fusible interfacing
20″ by 26″ fabric
26″ of coordinating ribbon
some kind of weight to fill it with.

Cut your fabric into 6″ by 6″ squares – you’ll need 6 of them.

This isn’t the usual way to do interfacing, but I find I waste far less by ironing the fabric directly on to the interfacing and then cutting them.

 With right sides together sew 4 squares in a row.

 *Make sure to reinforce every seam!  You don’t want anything tearing or leaking out.

 Again, right sides together, sew the ends together to make a (flimsy) box.

Pin the fifth square to the bottom of the cube and sew along two edges.
Reinforce the seams.

 Do the same on the remaining two sides.

Cut your 26″ ribbon in half.
With a 3/4″ overhang, sew the ribbon to the centre of opposite edges.
Reinforce the stitches within the 1/4″ seam allowance so that it won’t show when the top is added to the cube.

With right sides together, and tucking the long ends of the ribbon inside, attach the top to the remaining side of the cube.
Reinforce the seams.

 Leave a small opening for turning.

 Turn right sides out and stuff with beans, rice, aquarium gravel, kitty litter, bird seed… whatever floats your boat.

 Hand stitch the opening closed

 Place in front of the offending door (doors) and enjoy the quiet!

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