I have another patio project to share today – and this is one ANYONE can do in a day.

Much less than a day actually, but I’m including drying time into the mix.

How about a cutlery caddy made from soup, or in our case, Alphagetti cans.

Reduce, Reuse / Recycle and repurpose!

You’ll need two, four or six cans and a piece of wood that’s at least 6″ taller than the cans.
We went with 4 cans because I couldn’t think of enough utensils to fill the other two. lol


Line the cans up and draw a line just higher than the can height.
I put a paint stick on top of the cans (sideways – or the wider way) and drew my line.

I then used the paint stir stick again to make another line about 1.25″ above that and another 1.25″ above that.
The new space is where you’ll cut your handle.


Make it as narrow or as wide as you want depending on the size of your hands.
To be consistent and symmetrical, I used the paint stick again, lined it up with the outer edge of the wood and  drew lines perpendicular to the ones we just drew.

Drill one hole in each can on the crappy, gluey side.


Sand down any sharp edges on the cans and the wood.
This includes where the can opener cut (if it’s sharp) and the new drilled holes.

Wash cans thoroughly, inside and out.

Use 1 screw for each can and attach to the board.


Use a spray paint primer and make sure to hit all of the crevices.


I wanted a stripe on my caddy, so I spray painted half the can in a glossy almond colour and let dry.

Once it was dry, I taped off a stripe and painted over the entire thing with a cherry red.


The wood I used was a spare cedar plank so it soaked up the paint.
I ended up spraying 3 coats to get good coverage.


Remove the tape and fill with utensils!


Cute, colour coordinated and convenient.

Go check your recycling.. who knows what you might be able to reuse?


Have a great one!

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