I lost a lot of paint this winter.

Our garage is insulated, so this has never happened before – but with record-setting lows this winter, my paint suffered.

Paint ruined by freezing temperatures

You can tell it’s ruined when you try to stir it and it appears curdled.  The small chunks don’t come out – even it you use a mixer on high speed to stir it up. (trust me, I tried)

I lost more than half of my stash – granted, they were half-full or less – but I was hoping to use the paint on other projects.

That’ll teach me.

Before I dumped my babies out, I figured I’d use a bit of my favourite (Surf City) on a garage project.  Garage projects don’t have to be perfectly smooth right?

I started with a leftover drawer I had from my storage console post, and gave it a light sanding to remove dust and residue and to scuff up the paint so the next coat would adhere better.

Dresser drawer turned wall shelf

I gave it two coats of (a lumpy) Surf City.  Let’s call this technique “Venetian plaster” instead of “ruined paint”.

Dresser drawer turned wall shelf

I drilled a hole in each side of the drawer so I could put a bungee cord across it.  This is to make sure that anything I store on the shelf doesn’t get rattled or jarred and end up falling on someone’s head.

Dresser drawer turned wall shelf

The above photo really shows the curdled paint Venetian plaster.

Hubby used a couple of L-brackets for the bottom and another couple for the top and voila!

Dresser drawer turned wall shelf

A place to store my un-ruined spray paint!

Drawer shelf 6

This is a much better use of empty space and it’s colour-coordinated to my lockers!

Before and After - dresser drawer turned wall shelf

This is a photo-shopped image, but I’m hoping it will convince Hubby to let me hang the other three that I have in the garage.

Dresser drawers turned wall shelves

That looks so great!

Forget Hubby, I’m doing it anyways. lol

If only I had 5 more drawers it would look like a wall-unit!

Dresser drawer turned wall shelf
Have a great one!

Too funny: I AM crazy!


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