This is a project from a couple of years ago, but it was so cute I had to share.
(Please forgive the photo quality)

There are a million-and-one different dress-up racks, dress-up stations, dress-up storage photos online… and I love them all…  particularly the re-purposed furniture ones – I think those are just ingenius!

But there was this one that stood out… this shining beacon in imaginative play storage. 
(I’m sorry I can’t find the link to the company again now)

A flower rack!
Do you love it!

This one is a homemade jobby that we cut out of a sheet of wood.
I traced a tupperware bowl to get the circles for the petals and the rest we “winged”.

A jig saw, a coat of paint and a couple of shelves and the girls love it!

Truth is, I don’t think it has been this tidy since we built it.
No princess can live without an entire wardrobe of gorgeousness, plus jewellery, crowns, purses and bracelets (that hang on the petals and leaves)….

Maybe we should have made it longer? lol

 Have a great one!