With all of my “Glam” of late (really, all I’ve done is get out of the t-shirt and yoga pants and actually DRESS in the mornings) I’ve compiled a small collection of earrings.

For the last 10 years all I’ve worn, every single day were the diamond studs my Dad gave me on my wedding day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be getting a second piercing to keep those babies in, but in the meantime I’ve bought a few pairs of costume jewelry to ramp up my look a bit.

Problem is, I have them stored in a box.
And when they’re in a box, I forget I have them.

So I needed a little earring display that would organize them, leave them in plain site, look cute and be inexpensive.

Start with a needlework canvas from your local hobby store.
Michael’s had these for $0.99 (if you remember your coupon you’d get it for about $0.60)

My Scotch Expressions tapes and an old frame that I had in the basement.

First up, remove the picture backing and fold up the staples holding the picture and glass in place.

 Remove everything and use the glass to measure out the size of the canvas you’ll need.

You can spray paint your frame, leave it as-is or even cover it in flowers or rhinestones – whatever floats your boat.
For me (and Maddie) I decided to use some more of the Scotch Expressions tape.
The colours are so bright and the patterns are so fun – plus, if you tire of it, it’s easily removed and then you can paint/bling it up again later.

Next up, put a ribbon of hot glue in the ledge where the glass used to sit, and press the canvas into the glue.

I put a second ribbon of hot glue over top of the canvas to help compensate for the weight of the earrings…. don’t want this thing slipping out.

Fold the staples (as indicated), back down and press the canvas into place.

Whaddaya think?!

This one is Madison’s and it brings me to a tip;  don’t hang your frame on the wall if you have a lot of stud-type earrings.  You’ll have to take it down every time you want to get a pair down to undo the backing.

Hanging it would be perfect, and would take up so much less room, if you have a lot of hanging earrings that don’t need to be undone.

Like mine.

If you have more earrings than this, another option would be to take the two frames, add a hinge between them and have them free-standing like an open book – then you could see them and reach the backs.

There’s one more frame in the basement….  I may do this if I accumulate more earrings.

Scotch Expressions tape:  $2.33  
Needlework canvas:  $0.99
Garage sale frame:  $3.00
Total:  $6.32!

Have a great one!

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