I love this next project.

I guess I love them all don’t I?

But this one started out as one thing then morphed and turned into something better than I had imagined.

I really love this next project.

It began with my surfing another amazing blog – This Makes That.

Susan had made rustic pumpkins for her front porch using wood planks that she glued together, cut and then painted/stained.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 6.18.10 PM

You can see why I’d want one of my own right?

Well I’m a cheapskate environmentally conscious and didn’t want to buy new wood for this project when I had SO MANY scrap ends from all of the cedar crates I built the other week.

Ends with screw holes in them, angled cuts, scruffy bits that were left over – too small to build anything with, but too big to add to a landfill.

So I improvised and evolved based on her project…

I had a piece of plywood tucked in a corner so I laid out all of the scrap bits of wood I had on top of it until I was able to create a solid piece.

Autumn decor - a scrap wood apple that you can use to decorate inside or out!

From here, I glued every piece down, and to each other, using Gorilla wood glue (that stuff is da bomb!)

I clamped it where I could and then used cans of paint to weight it all down and left it to dry for a morning.

Wood Apple - 2

I was fully intending on drawing out a pumpkin shape, but I wanted a flat bottom so it could stand, and no matter what angle I rotated the board at, I couldn’t quite get a chubby bottom section (not typically a problem I have), so I decided to make it an apple instead.

Hubby did the cutting on this part for me because, while I’m pretty comfortable with the mitre saw now, the rest of the saw family is still pretty intimidating.

Wood Apple - 3

A couple of small pieces jiggled loose, but were easily glued back into place.

I sanded it so it would look a little more cohesive and then added a couple of shades of stain.

Wood apple - 4

I like this, but it came out a lot darker than I thought it would – and I was really going for a “warm Autumn rustic” look.

Wood apple - 5

No worries, a bit of sandpaper and a few scrubs and I was able to remove a bit to make it more ‘worn’ looking.

What do you think?
Wood apple - 6


Now everyone else will have their “This Makes That” pumpkins – and I will have my uber-cool Autumn apple made from scrap wood!

DIY front porch decor - make your own rustic Autumn Apple using scrap bits of wood.

Come back Tuesday and I’ll show you the other pieces in my front porch vignette…. not to toot my own horn, but it looks pretty SA-WEEET!

Have a great one!


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