I love the look of candles.
The romantic thought of sitting in a tub, soaking by candlelight, or enjoying some Holiday peace & quiet with a warm blanket surrounded by the moody glow of pillar candles everywhere.

There are a few things stopping me from fulfilling these sugar plum dreams;
1. I have two cats, and cats are notoriously curious.  I’m terrified one of them will walk too closely by and catch his tail on fire (don’t laugh, I know someone it happened to!) and then torch the entire house.
2. I have two little girls – and while they are past the age of not understanding fire – I am still afraid to have one going without me nearby
3. I’m forgetful.  What if I left them burning when I went out and ….
4.  Finally, flameless candles cost an absolute FORTUNE!


I have several candles around the house – unlit, or barely used – that have been sitting as decoration and collecting dust for YEARS.

Truthfully, I think we received a set of these as a wedding gift 10 years ago:


Enough waste – use what you’ve got and create the home you are wishing for right?!

I found these at Costco on sale after Hallowe’en.


All you need is a drill and drill bit just larger than the little votive you’re going to put in.


Before you begin – I should warn you – once you do this the original wick will be destroyed.  You won’t EVER be able to burn these candles the way they were intended.  If you’re okay with that, then let’s go!

Centre your drill over the wick to get as close to the centre of the candle as possible, then drill down just deeper than the height of your battery-operated votive.


Warning: doing this in your bedroom, on your carpet – is not advised.  It makes a lot more mess than I thought it would (learned the hard way).

Drop in your votive and you’re done!


My little Christmas vignette.
But wait!  You’re going to ruin your bow!
Not any more you’re not!
Wrap them with ribbon, attach a giant bow – put them on a nice piece of furniture… nothing is going to melt, so no wax will get anywhere.


You can enjoy them for as long as you want, and even if you forget – your cats or kids won’t get hurt!

Not sure what happened to the lighting and wall reflection here – sorry for the poor photo.

Time for my candle lit tub!


Now if the kids would just stop fighting in the other room, it would be almost like the movies!

Have a great one!

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