One of the ways I like to find inspiration for blog posts is surfing through magazines.  I subscribe to a few, but there are the free catalogues from Grandin Road, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Olive and Cocoa that are even better sources.

Why?  Because they show specific items that can usually be made or recreated for a fraction of the price.

Case in point, I was thumbing through the Olive and Cocoa catalogue when I came across this image:

Olive and Cocoa flower arrangement "Lola"

It’s gorgeous right?

The flowers are spectacular, the photograph is gorgeous and the wood box is rustic-chic – I LOVE this.

Just not enough to pay $94 US for it.

Come on, tell me this wouldn’t be super-simple to make yourself?

I’ll tell you, because I did it!

For my DIY flower box, I cut down some more of the cedar wood pieces to make a box.

Two side pieces at 7″ by 5.5″, two side pieces at 5″ by 5.5″ and a bottom piece that is a square at 5.5″.  (The box in the image is 8x6x15 – I didn’t want one quite that tall)

I nailed the sides together first, then added the bottom.

Wood flower box for indoor flower arrangements - rustic-chic!

A coat of Annie Sloan Provence and a coat of clear wax and done!

Indoor flower box for floral arrangements - compare to OliveandCocoa at $94!

I picked up a mixed bundle of flowers from the grocery store, lined the interior of the box with two layers of plastic (from grocery bags cut down to size), then inserted a piece of soaked floral foam.

Add your greenery first, then fill in the gaps with flowers.

DIY floral arrangement including cedar box - compare to Olive and Cocoa's at $94!

Pretty good right?

AND I still had flowers, paint and wood leftover, so I made three in total.

DIY floral arrangement including cedar box - compare to Olive and Cocoa's at $94!

This one I decided to make on a bit of an angle so the flowers would lean forwards.

Same procedure – line the box with plastic so no water gets onto your furniture, insert your soaking-wet floral foam and add your flowers.

DIY floral arrangement including cedar box - compare to Olive and Cocoa's at $94!

All total, both arrangements had me out of pocket $24.99 for the flowers.  The wood was scrap, the paint I already had and the grocery bags and floral foam were just lying around.  (Even if you had to buy a sample pot of paint and floral foam, you’d still be looking at an additional cost of maybe $10.)

That’s $12.50 (Cdn) an arrangement compared to the inspiration image’s cost of $94.

I love receiving flowers, but I think I love a ‘deal’ even more!

Olive and Cocoa or DIY - the price difference will kill you! Flower arrangement, DIY floral arranging, build it

Have a great one!

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