You may think that finding the perfect garden hose is an easy task, but it’s really not. There are so many different hoses out there, and they all do different things! You can read gardening magazines, read reviews on CF Landscaping and even listen to fellow gardeners. Then, you’ve found the right hose, but how do you store it? Do you want an inexpensive and esthetically pleasing way to store your garden hose?
Sure you can buy something plastic and fancy (and expensive) from a home improvement store – but where’s the fun in that? If you’ve recently invested in something like Hoselink garden hoses, you’d ideally want somewhere easy and convenient to store it without paying over the odds.

I saw this tutorial on Pinterest:


AND it doesn’t require digging a hole or cementing the post in the ground!

This was the ONLY tutorial that I found that suggested using a ” post holder spikey thing”. (I love that – it’s exactly what I would have called it!)

Home Depot calls it:

Link to site

So I got my supplies:

and a special item I found while picking the rest of the stuff up:


I wish my hose was the same colour, but let’s be realistic right?