I’ve mentioned once before that it’s my baby’s birthday coming up.  I don’t know where 8 years have gone – but that smiling happy baby that bounced around the house on two knees (yup – never crawled, just bounced on two kees – which we affectionately called the “slugsy dance”) is turning 8.
I still measure both of my girls’ hands to mine, and we have a growth chart on the wall – and every time I compare, I still hope that they will be smaller than mine.  I can’t pick her up and carry her anymore, and snuggles are coming fewer and further between – she’s her own person now and as proud as I am – my heart still breaks with every birthday.

All Miss Chloe wanted for her birthday was an American Girl doll.  Which is fortunate because these dolls are crazy-expensive and not many people could afford to outfit the doll with a ton of accessories and furniture.

American Girl Doll Bed Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.00.13 AM Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.02.44 AM

I believe these are in US dollars as well, so that would make them in the millions for us Canadians.

But – I was a kid once, and I remember that you can’t just have a doll.  You need something to go with it to keep your imagination running.  I mean clothed or naked are certainly options, but they’re pretty limited options.

My baby needs a bed for her ‘Mercedes-Benz-of-dolls’…. and I found one!

Click this link, or any of the images below, to go directly to the building plans.

I was able to make this loft bed, with desk and shelving for a grand total of $16!

DIY - American Girl Doll Loft Bed

It will probably cost you a bit more if you don’t already have scrap wood, screws, wood filler and extra paint lying around – but it still won’t be in the realm of the store price.


You’ll notice my DIY loft bed is a mish-mash of pine, cedar and mdf with a lot of wood filler in between.  I had to deviate from the original building plans somewhat – because of using scrap pieces – so there were areas that I needed to hide finishing-nail holes or seams. (or perhaps the odd screw that went all the way through the wood – oops!)  I promise, I did not buy one single screw, nail or scrap of wood to make this – it all came from my scrap bin in the garage!

AG Loft Bed 2

One coat of primer and two of paint and you can’t tell that this is a ‘Frankenstein’ of a bed right?

AG Loft Bed 3

I purchased 2″ thick foam from my local fabric store – which came in at $11 – and some quilted material to make the comforter and pillow cover, which came in at about $5.  I used my envelope pillow tutorial and spare broadcloth to wrap the mattress foam and voila!

AG Loft Bed 4

It’s possible this mattress is comfier than mine.

I loved the hot pink against the off-white-beige frame.

AG Loft Bed 5

I still have to build a small chair for the desk area, but I’m waiting for her actual birthday to make sure I size it correctly for the doll.  on the back shelves we can create our own small books and tchotchkes to decorate.

AG Loft Bed 6

What do you think?  Do you think she’ll be pleased?

AG Loft Bed 7

I’m pretty proud of how this DIY loft bed turned out and I’m even more proud that I was able to build it myself and save a kabazillion dollars!

AG Loft Bed P

I’m the most proud of my little blonde that brings joy to our family every single day.   She (and Madison) are the best “builds” I’ve ever done.

Thank you “The Porch Swing blog” and Ana White for sharing these plans!

Have a great one!


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