No, I haven’t planted yet.

This week FOR SURE!

I still had to get the beds weeded, and we’re still on the brink of frost weather – so I’m holding off for another couple of days.


I did get my garden markers ready!

Last year was my first foray into vegetable gardening – which is particularly ironic given that we don’t eat vegetables (or very few anyways).

The sum total of my garden from last year (and this as well) was/will be ingredients for tomato soup and salsa…

okay and a cucumber salad. 

My garden markers from last year rotted, so it was a fun excuse to come up with a new version.

I give you…

Paint stick garden markers!

(Thank you Benjamin Moore)

They didn’t even flinch when I asked for 10 stir sticks – I guess that means I’m there too often.

You could go with plain wood here, but I was in the middle of using some Revere Pewter, so I just painted up a section of one side.

Print off some vinyl sticky labels on the Silhouette machine;

adhere to the painted section (once it’s dry) and then paint over with a contrasting colour.

I have no idea what colour this is – I found the tester pot in my ginormous stash of colours and thought it would be perfect for the garden.

I did two coats of the green and once both were completely dry, I used tweezers to remove the vinyl labels from underneath.

The bottom section isn’t painted because that’s were I was holding the sticks – but if you want them to last, you really should paint the entire thing in an outdoor paint.

For now they are the only green things in my garden.

Oh, and check out that metal (partial) triangle to the right;  that’s the wire mesh they use when pouring concrete –
BUT if you fold it in half, it makes a fantastic cucumber climber!  

The vines went crazy over it last summer, and you can still crawl underneath to pick them easily.

This year I won’t throw the whole package of seeds into the hole.  (Oops!)

(Forgive the fencing around the garden; turns out Lacey is a digger.)

I’m just thinking – these would make great teacher gifts or hostess gifts as well!


Have a great one!

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