Have you seen photos like this on Pinterest?

Ever wonder how to make them?

It’s easy.
Better yet, it’s free!

Check out Ribbit.com

I did open an account with them, but you don’t have to.
Everything you need to make this photo is within the free options.

1. Click “Upload Photo” and select the photo you want to add text to.

2.   You have some basic editing tools here; you can crop the photo, auto adjust for best lighting, resize etc.

3.  I cropped mine down and moved it to the left a bit so I’d have room to insert text

 4.  Click on the “Add Text” tab and type in the box indicated.

5.  After typing what you want, click “Add” underneath.

6.  You could add lines and lines of text if you want to, but you’d have to remember to press ‘enter’ between lines or the text would run across the entire photo.
I chose to add one line of text at a time so that I could change the fonts and sizes of each individual line.  (click “Add” after each group of words)

To the right you’ll see the font editing tool.  Change colour, bold, fade – it’s all up to you!
For this blog, I like to add a watermark at the bottom:

There are a million other edits you can do too.  (adding arrows for instance)

Once you’ve finished playing, click the tab that says “Save & Share”.

You’ve created your masterpiece!

Now you’ve got a “Photo-Story”!