Another paper craft today…
– I’m already missing my furniture refinishing time in the garage. (sniff, sniff)

Since we had about 6″ on the ground the other day, and since Chloe had a Spa Birthday Party to prepare for, it seemed like a great time to document how I make tissue paper pom poms.
AKA tissue paper flowers.

These can be made in any sizes, but for our birthday we wanted BIG!

Dollarama sells packages of tissue paper with 20 sheets per package.
Each pom takes 10 sheets, so you can make a substantial decoration for just $0.50.

First up – count out 10 sheets of tissue paper:

Fold one edge up approximately 1″ (2.5cm) on the short edge.  (I’ve tried doing it on the long edge and the pom is kind of gangly looking)

Then flip the paper over and fold it back again.
Zig zag, or accordion fold, all the way to the end of the sheets.

Once you’re done, it should look like this:

Fold in half.

I use a bit of floral wire to tie the centre into place, but you could use string or twine.

If you are planning on hanging your flowers/poms, now’s the time you want to string some fishing line through as well.  Leave a long enough tail that it will extend far past the ends of the tissue.

Two options here;  
you can cut the ends of the folded tissue to a point (like here) and you will end up with a chrysanthemum-looking flower.
OR, you can cut the edge to be more rounded and flat and you will end up with a dahlia-type flower.

Since you have another set of sheets of tissue paper, why not to one of each?

GENTLY separate out one layer of tissue at a time, alternating sides.
It will probably rip the first few times you try, but you’ll get the feel of it, and the poms are pretty puffy and forgiving, so don’t worry too much.

Once you’ve completed one half, start opening the layers on the other half of the wire.

Once you’re done, just give it a little fluff and hang or set on surfaces for a great decoration!

Better still, at the end of the party give them to the kids as part of their goodie bags and you’ll be left with no mess to clean up either!

Wouldn’t this make a cute Holiday centrepiece?  Maybe with a small (battery operated) candle in the middle?

Or make several sizes in white and hang them to look like a snowfall?

These would also be perfect for an indoor snowball fight!

Ideas, ideas!
You may see another version of this post again soon. lol

Have a great one!

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