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The girls were away this past week at Grandma’s, so I took advantage of the opportunity and did what any Mother would do…

I cleaned their rooms!

Deep clean.

Windows, drawers, cabinets, toybox, under the bed and I even managed to clean out their closets for clothes that are too small.  I pulled a full black garbage bag of junk out of their rooms – turns out my children are hoarders.

I know they’re going to go nuts when they come home and can’t find whatever wrapper or bit of paper they’re looking for, so I also decided to distract and appease.

I figured they can’t really yell at me if I have a super-cool new storage rack for all of their Littlest Pet Shop toys right?  (fingers crossed)

I adapted this rack from others I’d seen done for matchbox cars.  The cars themselves are much shorter and narrower than the LPS figurines, so I had to make my own measurements – but you can adapt these plans to fit whatever space you’re looking to organize as well.

Chloe has a narrow section of wall by her closet, so I wanted her shelf to fit that space.  Madison’s shelf will go above her desk, so I needed something wider.  Both sets of measurements are below.

Chloe’s shelf (narrow, but taller)  26 3/4 wide, 29 3/4″ tall, shelf spacing at 3″

I used 3/4″ MDF (medium density fibreboard) for my project because that’s what I had lying around… but it’s heavy when put together.  If you want a lighter piece, I’d suggest using 1x3s.


Top and bottom (2) – 3/4″ wood cut at 26 3/4″

Sides (2) – 3/4″ wood cut at 28.5″

Shelves (7) 3/4″ wood cut at 25.5″

I started by building the frame of the shelving – top and bottom go on top of the sides.

I used 1 1/4″ wood screws to hold in place, but you could use a Kreg Jig if you don’t want to see screw holes in your finished shelf.

PLEASE PRE-DRILL BEFORE GLUING AND SCREWING TOGETHER!  (I know this because I split more than a few boards by trying to shortcut)

Building shelving for kids toys/figurines/race cars


Then glue your shelves into place at 3″, 6 3/4″, 10 1/2″, 14 1/4″, 18″, 21″ and 24 3/4″.

Pre-drill your screw holes and screw into place with 1 1/4″ wood screws.  Check for square and level before drilling.

DIY storage rack for kids toys/figurines/ race cars


Above is Maddie’s shelf – much longer at 41 1/2″ long but shorter at 22 1/2″ tall.

If you decide to build this version, you will want a few extra pieces of wood/mdf spaced throughout to keep the shelves from sagging.


Top and bottom (2) – 3/4″ wood cut at 41 1/2″”

Sides (2) – 3/4″ wood cut at 21″

Shelves (5) 3/4″ wood cut at 40 1/2″

Shelf spacing is the same – 3″ gap between shelves.  Glue, pre-drill and screw into place.

A couple of coats of paint:

Toy rack - great for figurines, Littlest Pet shops and/or race cars

and voila!

Because the MDF was so heavy on these, I used 3″ L-brackets screwed into studs to hold them in place.

This is Chloe’s:

DIY storage rack for figurines, Littlest Pet Shops and/or race cars

She took a lot of her Littlest Pet Shop collection to Grandma’s with her, so I’m sure this will be filled when she gets home tonight.

DIY storage rack for figurines, Littlest Pet Shops and/or race cars

This is Madison’s storage rack:

DIY storage rack for figurines, Littlest Pet Shops and/or race cars

Pretty cute right?

DIY storage rack for figurines, Littlest Pet Shops and/or race cars

Do you think they’ll forgive me for over-hauling their rooms?
I’m feeling pretty confident they won’t even notice once they see these!

DIY storage rack for figurines, Littlest Pet Shops and/or race cars


Have a great one!




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  1. Regality (aka The Quing) August 19, 2015 at 1:20 pm - Reply

    Genius at work! (How long do you think the shelves will stay that tidy? *L*)

    • Shelly @ August 24, 2015 at 11:52 am - Reply

      So far, they’ve been tidy for a week – which is about 6 days longer than anything else in their room stayed clean. They get a kick out of seeing all of their toys on display, so it’s much less of a battle than getting them to tidy stuff into boxes or baskets.
      Thank you for commenting!

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  3. Maria January 10, 2016 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    Thank you! Just built ours! Used pre primed pine. Painted turquoise. Looks awesone!!

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    […] also think this DIY Littlest Pet Shop Display Shelf is cute for the birthday girl from 100 Things to […]

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