Have you seen an abundance of arrows online of late?

Pinterest, Instagram, online stores, interior design sites…  everywhere!

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Not to be one left in the cold (aka. keeping up with the Jones’) I decided to see if I could whittle one out of some of my scrap bits in the garage.

The problem here is not so much that I’m a follower – which is only partially the case – but moreso that I am totally and completely influenced by marketing messages.  Bombard me with images of dog poop on a stick and eventually I’ll either find a way to make my own or go to a shop and buy some.

It really is that bad.

Which is why I love marketing so much – I always try to frame things based on how and what would sell me.

Today it’s wooden arrow wall art, tomorrow Nike Wraps (the no-toe shoes for yoga).

I digress, you want to see how mine turned out right?

I still had/have some 1″ cedar planks left in my garage from the deck demo at my friend Steph’s.  Most of them are bits and pieces and not really enough to build large projects, so I messed around and come up with some measurements…. this is my DIY wood arrows tutorial (for better or for worse).

I laid out my scrap wood and found a combination that seemed the right size.  These boards are 5.5″ wide, so I cut the centre one (22″ long) down the centre so I had two 2 3/4″ boards.


Build your own rustic wood arrow for wall decor

Next I put a smaller piece of scrap wood across the top of the narrow one and chose a size that looked proportionate – in this case, I cut a 5.5″ square.

I marked the centre of the square and then cut two angles from that point to the lower corners of the board to create my arrow.  I’m sorry I didn’t write down the angles, but my sides measured 6″, 6″ by the 5.5″ base.

Arrows 2

I cut down another piece of scrap wood – not quite in half, because I wanted the ‘feathers’ to be differing widths.  You can see in the photo below that one is slightly wider than the other.

I angled my ‘feathers’ to where I thought they’d look good and then laid the 22″ piece over top and marked a line.  If you want yours exactly like mine, the angle for these cuts is 42 degrees.

Once they were cut, I lined them up with the centre and then determined how long I’d like them to be, then  marked a straight line (parallel to the centre) and marked it.  These ended up being 4″ long – with the same angle as before – at 42 degrees.

Arrows 3

I used my Kreg Jig (netbet.org) to drill pocket holes into the centre section shooting towards the arrow tip and then in each feather, aiming towards the centre piece.

Glue and screw into place.
Arrows 4

I just repeated the process to create the second arrow from the second half of the 22″ piece of wood.

Arrows 5

I sanded them down to remove the old deck stain and sealer.

Arrows 6

Then added a light coat of matte varnish – which you really don’t need to do if you’re working with cedar.  In hindsight, I would have skipped this step and just let them age again naturally.

Arrows 7

I added small hooks on the back and then hung them on the wall.

This is a visual metaphor of my life… I don’t know whether I’m coming or going most days.

Arrows 8

If you want, you can add hooks to the front of these and use them as a coat rack, or mug rack – or even add another piece of wood and use them as shelves.

If you have a big enough closet, these would make great decor in there because moths hate cedar.  You’d be decorating and prolonging the life of your clothing!

How to build rustic wood arrows from scrap wood. Easy DIY



Have a great one!



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