I had the BEST day yesterday.

Truly the best.

My Dad came to town and helped me to build a workbench!

One of my very own!

This all started because we broke Hubby’s mitre saw.  I don’t know how, but there is a problem with the wiring so you have to hold it in a really awkward way to get it to turn on.  Dangerous when you consider it’s a saw.

The problem was that he had to keep carrying it up from the basement whenever I wanted a project done in the garage.  Once in the garage, he’d have to work on the floor to make the cuts because we didn’t have anyplace else to put it.  This up and down and working on the floor eventually took it’s toll and the machine became even more dangerous to use.

It’s time for a new mitre saw… my project wish-list doesn’t stop just because the saw does – but this time we’re going to do things right.  I wanted my very own DIY workbench in the garage so that I could wheel it around and work in the sun, or shade and so that the mitre saw (and my knees and back) didn’t suffer any more wear and tear on the floor.

I LOVE the gals at Shanty 2 Chic and have copied projects from them before.  Scrolling through their project plans I found this plan for a portable workbench.


But I’m quite frightened of the saw.  I’m far too clumsy with tools that don’t have power and a sharp blade to attempt cutting for myself.

Enter a whimpering phone call and a kiss-up “Daddy?” and he drove in to my rescue!

I handled getting the supplies;

DIY workbench, garage workbench, easy workbench

He handled figuring out how to work the new mitre saw;

Keith Clarke

The saw took a good half hour to figure out, but once we did, we tag-teamed and made all the cuts in about the same amount of time.

DIY workbench, garage workbench, easy workbench

This little guy is called a “Kreg jig” – and the girls at Shanty 2 Chic use it for everything.  It does make beautiful pocket holes (so you don’t see any screws anywhere), and the joints are cement-solid – but it did take a good half hour to figure out how to work this bad-boy as well.

DIY workbench, garage workbench, easy workbench, kreg-jig

I had to put this photo in because it makes me laugh – yes, I’m drilling a wood screw directly into my knee.  Granted it didn’t go through far enough to reach my knee – but you can see where a saw in my hands could be lethal right?

DIY workbench, garage workbench, easy workbench

What’s even funnier, is that my Dad made the same move on the other side!  Apple really doesn’t fall too far does it? lol

Per the DIY workbench instructions, you make the four legs first and then the two table supports.  You can see in the photo how sleek those pocket holes are.

DIY workbench, garage workbench, easy workbench

Home Depot cut the mdf to size for me, but the rest was just Dad and I.

DIY workbench, garage workbench, easy workbench

He’s looking pretty proud of himself isn’t he?

Don’t let the smile fool ya’ – there was a fair amount of blue air in the garage while we were building (for those that aren’t familiar with the saying “the air turned blue” – it means swearing, not farting).  Ask my Dad how much he loves my little DeWalt drill and you’ll probably hear a few escape even now.

DIY workbench, garage workbench, easy workbench, Keith Clarke

This DIY workbench is 8′ by 2′ (~2.5m by 60 cm) and is on locking castors so I can move it anywhere.

DIY workbench, garage workbench, easy workbench

The best part of this entire project was spending the afternoon with my Dad.  We haven’t built anything together ever (that I can remember) and I really wanted this project be ‘ours’.  Something that I will always say “My Dad and I built this” as I recall the stripped screws and his gloating over perfect cuts.

DIY workbench, garage workbench, easy workbench

I may sand it and give the sides a light stain.  I may not.  I just love my new little workspace…

DIY workbench, garage workbench, easy workbench

… and I love that at age 42 a phone call and a “Daddy?” still elicits the same response it did when I was a little girl.

Love you Dad!  Thank you very, very much.

OH!  In case you want to make your own DIY workbench, I’ve linked back to the tutorial everywhere that you see Shanty 2 Chic, so just click on the highlighted text.  Mine came in at $300, but that was including my $20 nail storage container, $20 ear protectors and my $60 Kreg Jig – all of which will be used for many, many other projects.  (Let’s say the bench is ~$200Cdn)

Have a great one!

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