I was a bad person yesterday.

I didn’t set out to be bad, it just sort of happened.

I often pass by this giant pine tree in my neighbourhood, and on it are thousands of tiny pine cones.  Literally thousands.

They are so tiny and cute and plentiful – I’ve been “pining” for them. lol

So yesterday I went to the homeowner’s door and rang the bell.

But no one answered.

And I really wanted the pine cones….

So I stole them.

The tree is in the front yard, so I just went over and plucked away.

I can ease my inner turmoil over this heinous deed by justifying it with “at least he/she won’t have to rake all of these up”.

I hope they feel the same way.

How to dry pine cones to kill critters, remove sap and open the scales.

These were wet and closed when I plucked them, so I needed to dry them out.  I looked up techniques online and one very specifically said “bake to kill critters and get rid of sap”.  Two big selling features in by book.  Who wants critters or sap in their Autumn decor?

I placed them on a foil-lined cookie sheet and baked them at 200 degrees fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

Drying pine cones 2

Sure enough, they dried out, I didn’t see any critters, and the sap hardened so it wasn’t sticky anymore!

Better yet, they even “bloomed” a bit – the scales opened up and made them even more adorable!

Drying pine cones 3

Now I’m not one for pine-scented candles or pine air fresheners, but when these little guys were baking, my house did smell like a fresh Christmas tree – and it was FANTASTIC!

Drying pine cones 4

I have them spread throughout my Autumn decor, but I’ll be honest and say I can feel another pillage coming on – these would make a fantastic wreath or kissing ball for Christmas!

Drying pine cones 6

Go steal from ask your neighbours and ramp up your decor for free!


Have a great one!

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