Given this:

March snowbanks in London, ON

it hardly seems appropriate to be starting Easter crafts.

I mean, there’s no grass, no budding tulips – and no sign of either in the foreseeable future.

BUT – I did hear a bird chirping this morning… and that counts!  Trust me, you don’t realize how much you miss the sound of birds until you don’t hear them for months.

It was my beacon of light…. to get crafting!

You will need:

  • Oatmeal, coffee or hot cocoa container (something with a paper exterior)
  • white spray paint or printer paper
  • 2 black buttons
  • 1 pink button
  • cotton ball
  • ribbon
  • foam core in white
  • hot glue


Easter container 1

First up you want to make the exterior of the container white.  You can do this by spray painting it (in a flat finish) or simply by wrapping the container in white printer paper.

Easter container 2

I made a few mistakes in this project, so my photos may not match my instructions exactly – follow the words okay?

Next up you’ll want to cut two ear shapes from your foam sheet.  I didn’t have white, so I used some leftover pink I had laying around (which I later spray painted white).  Hot glue them to the seam-side of your container.

Hot glue your button eyes and nose into place on the opposite side of the container.

Easter container 3

I had a bit of shimmer paint, so I dabbed on a bit of sparkle for the cheeks.

Easter container 4

Cut out two pink ovals for the interior of the ears, or colour in with paint or a marker.

Tie a ribbon around the bottom of the container, then glue a cotton ball onto the back (above the ribbon) for a bunny tail.

Easter container 6


Fill with candy, or easter grass and candy, and you’re done!

Easter container 5


Yes, I have a stash of Easter Creme Eggs already…  I can’t resist them.  As soon as Valentine’s ends, I’m in the store stocking up.   Cadbury, why won’t you sponsor my addiction blog?

You could put holes in either side and attach a ribbon for a handle, but I liked him like this.  A cute idea to leave outside of bedroom doors, or on a neighbour’s front porch.

Not much to this – but when the girls saw I was making it they were enthralled.  This could be a great craft that you could do together – as long as an adult is supervising the glue gun.

It’s coming – I’m sure of it – Come on birds, bring me some SPRING!

Have a great one!

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