Do you believe this Friday is Good Friday?

I thought I had at least another week before Easter?  Fortunately the girls reminded me that the Easter Bunny would be arriving sooner than I had planned for – just in time too, because our local Walmart sells out of Easter chocolate the week leading up to the big day.  Literally, sells out!

So I hit the shops this weekend and stocked up so I could get a jump start on Easter treats for the classroom.

This is an easy treat, and takes far less time than baking cupcakes or cookies, plus it’s so cute and a nice break from the chocolate overload.

These are the girls Easy cheesy carrots:

You will need

  • cheesies or cheetos (I like cheetos because they aren’t quite as fragile)
  • plastic icing bags
  • twist ties
  • green ribbon and tags if you wish.

There’s not much to this really, I stocked up on the cheetos at the bulk barn – I got these three giant bags full for $28.

We found out that each bag filled 13 carrots (icing bags).

Easy cheesy carrot treats for the classroom


All you do is stuff.

Easy cheesy Easter treats (carrots)

Then add a twist-tie to close.

You can add a green ribbon and/or gift tags if you have the time/energy.  It makes them look better, but we’re talking about 7 and 8 year olds here, so I didn’t do every single carrot.

Easy cheesy Easter treats for the classroom (carrots)


Those three bags made 40 carrots, so $28 for the cheetos, and another $14 for the icing bags (50 pack) and you’re looking approximately $1 per treat, and the total time it took me to assemble 40 was about 20 minutes.


Easter treats for the classroom - Easy cheesy cheetos carrots

Hopefully the kids like them?

Check that, hopefully they don’t – I love Cheetos!


Have a great one!

Too funny: Mommy is losing her sh*t



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