I mentioned that I went to Walmart the other day to gather my Easter Bunny stash right?  Well, not only were the aisles stocked with chocolate and candy, but there were baskets and buckets and bags for collecting all the ‘loot’.  Very cute – don’t get me wrong – but yet another thing I have to store after the Easter Bunny’s departure.  The $3 bucket costs me 364 days of clutter-stress.

Not worth it.  Especially not when you come across a brilliant edible basket on Pinterest!

I picked up some boxed candy that I the girls like and made sure that, glued together, they would be almost the same height for all four sides of my new and improved Easter basket.  I also used a piece of chipboard for the base – but any strong cardboard will do.

Sides for our edible Easter basket

Lay out your candy to create four walls and then cut your chipboard base to that size.

Using a small bead of hot glue, stick your boxes to the chipboard and add a small dot between the boxes to bond the corners together.

Easter basket box 3

Then, just stuff your bunny into the middle and fill in the gap with some free-floating candies and you’re done!

Edible Easter Basket


THIS is the Easter basket I want – to eat and to avoid storing!

Edible Easter baskets


Whew!  For someone who forgot Easter was this coming weekend, I sure ‘pulled out of that dive’ in a hurry! lol



Have a great one!

Too funny: who eats trail mix?