I am a content contributor to the Curiosity Box blog – and it’s about time I posted another fun craft that you can do with your kids…

Today, we’re playing with egg cartons.

I should have left it at that – just give a kid an egg carton and watch what they come up with!  Their imaginations are so amazing to watch, and you’ll see ideas evolve that you never would have thought of yourself.

We started out making some Easter/Spring/Mother’s Day art.

You will need:

  • egg carton
  • kid-safe paints
  • markers
  • glue
  • scissors

Egg carton crafts

Depending on the age of your child, you could let them cut the egg cups out themselves.  Chloe is old enough, but the carton material is a little tough to cut through with children’s scissors, so I helped out a bit:

Egg carton crafts

We left them in  varying heights because as I was cutting, Chloe came up with different ideas to use them for.

We started by painting the lid green as a nice bright spring background.

These paints are from Ikea and are actually neon coloured – so they are really cheerful and quickly hide the dull gray of the egg carton itself.

Mala paint from Ikea

Click image to find


Egg Carton craft 3

Next we painted our flowers – first the insides, then the outside:

Egg Carton craft 4

A few coats of paint later and we have our background and flowers ready to be glued!

Egg carton crafts


Just plain white glue will be sufficient to hold these in place.

Egg Carton craft 22

We added a small bead to the centre of each flower for a little bling, then Chloe drew on the flower stems and leaves.  (You could also use pipe cleaner stems if you have them)

Egg Carton craft 24


Finished product:
Egg Carton craft 25

But we weren’t done here – some of the egg cups were shaped a bit like swans – or chickens maybe?

Imagine these holding coloured eggs for Easter.

Egg Carton craft 27


Finally, Chloe decided her Littlest Pet Shop toys needed movie theatre seating, or if you add wings it could be airplane seating.

Egg Carton craft 28


This turned out to be a great cold-weather craft – something we could work on together and exercise our imaginations a little.


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Have a great one!

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