I think anyone that crafts, DIY’s, or putters at any hobby should have a toolbench.  One space allocated to just that hobby.
 A place where you can find everything you need with just a reach.

I don’t however, think you should spend a lot of money on it.

Case in point – I got this unit from Kijiji for FREE!

It was basically brown plywood that someone had stained.
It did have upper shelves, so I’m assuming it was a microwave cabinet or something like that.

I wanted it for the counter top.

I didn’t paint the insides since it’s just housing paints, glues and tools – so you can see what it looked like “before”;

Not pretty, but functional.

It’s nice to have the ‘harmfuls’ tucked away and out of sight of temptation.

I can just slide the doors closed and no one is the wiser about the ugly interior, or all the gear it holds.

I removed the shelves from the upper section and inserted a peg board.  I knew I wanted to have my tools hanging and within easy reach.

Please excuse the paint on the counter top – but that’s what it’s for.

The turquoise is a little loud, but it’s the garage – I didn’t have any decor rules that needed to be followed.  Besides – it matches our bike rack.

So, for a grand total of FREE – and with minimal hours in labour – you too can have your own little hobby refuge.

Check out your ads – there’s sure to be something that can be repurposed to fit your needs

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Have a great one!