Yup, you read it correctly… EYEBROW extensions.

You’ve probably heard of hair extensions and eyelash extensions, but this is for those of us with scarred, over-tweezed, uber-waxed and/or thinning eyebrows…

synthetic mink eyebrow extensions that are glued right onto your existing hairs to add fullness and shape and you’re then able to apply some Xbrow products to add greater depth.

I was SO THRILLED to find the only person south of Toronto (in Canada that is) that is certified to do this procedure.

This is me this morning.

Couple of gaps, very thin at the ends and your eyebrows are supposed to line up with the bridge of your nose.

Not even close.

I’ve tried everything to get them to grow back and nothing has worked. If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you might even remember I tried out eyebrow stencils and coloured them in.

Eyebrow extensions

Now check out the new one:

I didn’t have any hair there to work with, so Angie had to create an eyebrow for me. You can also see how she had started to thicken up the rest of the brow as well (colour is due to lighting).

Look at the side. I counted – there were 4 hairs here pretending to be an eyebrow. It was the forehead equivalent of a combover.

Just plain embarrassing.

Eyebrow extensions

Now look!

Eyebrow extensions

Please forgive the photo quality – I had to work with my iPad instead of my camera in order to get selfies – but you can clearly see the difference right?

Those tiny little hairs that fell on my nose are what Angie was working with. I have no idea how she managed to finagle these tiny little things into place, then glue them, and create fullness and shape. I counted while Angie was working, and on one eyebrow alone, there were over 250 little hairs inserted.

Eyebrow extensions

Before and afters?

Of course!

Eyebrow extensions


Eyebrow extensions

With a bit of makeup – since I was feelin’ so FINE!

Eyebrow extensions

I can’t recommend this enough!

If you care for them, by avoiding oily products or sit in a sauna or steam room, they should last about 3 weeks – then you go and get them filled in again.

Mine took 3 hours, but again, Angie had to create eyebrows where there wasn’t anything at all to work with. Time is going to depend on the amount you need done.

There is a certification program for this, so please make sure whomever you see has the proper credentials and training. You don’t want the few eyebrow hairs you have left to fall out because someone thought they could “wing it”. For those of you in SouthWestern Ontario – Spa Apsara is it!

It has been YEARS since I’ve had proper eyebrows, and had even considered getting them tattooed on – I am so grateful to have found Angie at Spa Apsara!

Thank you Angie!

Eyebrow Extensions - Spa Apsara

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