This is a double-feature-in-one post.

The first feature is how to personalize your eyeglasses case.  
The second feature is why.  

I picked up a few eyeglass cases at Dollarama the other day;
one for each of us.

 The price ($1.25) is wonderful – but the cases themselves were way too boring for the girls and I, so we decided to “glam it up” a notch.

We chose some fun and funky paper and cut a rectangle out of it, just larger than the size of half of the case.

Mod podge your case up – and paint some on the paper to make it more malleable.

Line up the straight edge of the paper along the case hinge (but not overlapping it).

Carefully shape the paper to the case and tuck under the interior edges.

The ends may have some wrinkles if you have a round-edge case – but don’t worry – it will look great in the end.

 For mine I decided to only cover half, leaving the bottom black.

The girls wanted their entire case(s) done, so you repeat the process on the second half.

With an exacto-knife, or other sharp instrument, carefully cut the excess paper from inside the case.

Coat the paper with a layer of mod podge to protect it and to seal the interior edges.

 It will dry clear and will be wipeable to any spills etc.

Cute eh?

Now for the “Why would you do this?”

Well, it would make a cute custom glasses case for kids – you could do sports teams, superheroes, butterflies – even glitter!

If you need to carry a few pill bottles places; you could corral them all in this one spot.

If you need a portable first-aid kit to carry in your bag; this would be ideal.  

It’s actually not a bad idea to keep your feminine products either; inconspicuous and easy to transport to the ladies room.

The reason we did it, was to have a cute storage case for iPad/iPhone accessories.

This little case will fit in your purse, carry-on, on your dash, etc. and is big enough to hold your charger, USB cable and ear buds.

It’s easy for the kids to open and close and keeps the wires from getting tangled everywhere in your bag.

Plus, it’s just too cute!


And one of a kind as well – if you did it in neon colours, you might never lose your glasses again! 

Have a great one!

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