So I’m still working on the first pair of jeans…
They really go a long way eh?

Today I thought I’d try to make a little fabric bin with handles.
You can use these to store yarn for knitting, or toys that need to be carried up or down stairs – really anything at all.  They are particularly nice because they are washable – and being made from denim – extremely durable.

This is one pant leg.

From it, I cut two rectangles.
Then you’ll need two rectangles of interfacing and lining fabric in exactly the same sizes.

Iron the interfacing to the denim (which is going to be my outside).
The stiffer the interfacing the more stiffly the bin will stand.
In hindsight, I think I should have used something stronger, but this one did work.

You’ll need two pieces of fabric for the bottom of the bin.
I chose to use the leftover material from the jean leg.

Sew, right sides together, the lining, base and then other lining.
Repeat for the outside pieces of the bin as well.

Fold these three-piece strips in half and sew both sides.


This is where I do my corner trick – like yesterday.
Line up the side seam with what would be the centre of the base.
Smooth the material out keeping this triangle in place.

Sew across the triangle – I did this right near the seam you see on the white.
Reinforce with zig-zag stitching and cut off the excess.

Repeat this on both corners of the piece that will be the outside of the bin, but only on ONE side of the lining of the bin.
Cut an opening where you would have cut the triangle off.  This will be the hole you use to turn the bin out.

Next up, the handles.
You can make them any length and width that you like – it’s really going to depend on what you plan to use the bin for.
Iron a hem on both long-sides of the handles.

Fold in half length-wise and sew along the edge to seal.
Sew the other edge for symmetry.

Turn the outside of the bin out.
Take your handles and sew them to the top edge of the outside bin.
Measure them equally from the centre seam and sew close to the top edge.
Repeat on the other side.

Take the liner of the bin and tuck the outside into it, including handles.
This will be right sides facing each other.

Sew all around the top edge of the bin, making sure to get all edges and handle ends.

Turn the bin right-side-out through the opening in the lining.

Once you’ve checked that everything is how you want it, stitch the lining opening closed.

This is what you should be left with!

This is another project that I can’t give you measurements for because it’s going to depend on what you plan to use the bin for and/or how much denim you have.

This one will easily hold a couple of bottles of wine, or a decent sized stack of lego – whatever floats your boat.

If you sew this without the handles, you could turn down the upper edge and let the cute lining show.

Sew easy and sew cute!


Two pairs of jeans to go!

Have a great one!

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