I just realized that I announced a sponsor for the Face of Pink Ink 2014, but I haven’t let everyone know about the contest itself!

Shame on me.

This contest is too good to pass up – let me show you why;

Average cost of a professional hairstyle:   $45
Average cost of a professional make-up application:  $65
Average cost of a professional photo shoot:  $100
Average cost to purchase a photo from that shoot:  $75
Total:  $285

That’s low-balling – I’ve seen professional head shots being sold for  over $300!

FOPI 2014 is going to give you a professional headshot (attention realtors and other entrepreneurs that require your gorgeous mug to be posted everywhere – including for the new Facebook layout)

$99 is going to get you a PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOT!!!

What if you don’t want to “win” the contest?  (although I don’t know who wouldn’t want all of the prizes?!)

You can still enter, take part in all of the perks, receive your swag bag of treats and have a gorgeous photo of yourself to treasure.  (Did I mention that you get to pose with TWO looks – professional and glamour?)

I’m not going to lie – I’m entering just for the chance at having a “pretty me” captured on film.

Just indicate on your application form that you are ‘not entering to win’.  
No problemo.

If you are looking to sponsor this event and have your business name associated with “Empowering Women” and reach a broad demographic of women all across Ontario – here are the deets for you:

It’s time – sign up now before all available openings are filled.

Contestant Application

Become a Sponsor

  Have a great one!