I’m sure a lot of you use Facebook, or at the very least have heard of it.

I took a course this week with a Social Media Specialist (Social Dragon Marketing) and it got me to futzing around with FB to see what else it can do beyond post my blog updates.

You know that you can “like” company pages right?  (not just friends)
You do this in order to get the latest news on sales and specials, enter giveaways, win trips or just get the news and/or weather.

Did you know that the gremlins inside of FB will also select pages for you that you might like based on what you are following currently and/or what your friends are “liking”.

This is my favourite part; did you know that if you select “Local”, FB will give you  pages and pages of local businesses that you can “like” (aka. receive news updates from) as well.

This makes so much more sense to me.

Why follow along with businesses that you can’t actually access?

Why not support smaller businesses right in your own area?

Mompreneurs, MLM’s and people that want to find local consultants for services and/or products – look here!

Not only will it give you their page to check out for current deals, but it also shows you other people that you know that are following that page too.

Referrals people, referrals!


The downside of Facebook?

Well, I futzed away at eliminating my pet peeves as well.

How about those messages from friends and family requesting you to like an app in order to give them 5 more lives in some game or another.


Block them!

Block them entirely, or more politely (if they are family), block those app requests by going to your settings (the cog wheel in the top right corner of the page) and clicking as indicated below:

One final thing on FB (the rest you can futz and find out yourself) – if you’re sick of seeing ads from certain companies in your news feed, you can click the little grey arrow in the top right corner of the ad itself and

block those pain-in-the-ass ads from appearing in your news feed!

(The above is bogus – but I have been inundated with diet ads that infuriate me – so this is exactly what I do to combat the garbage).

Facebook – a necessary evil for business.

Have a great one!