I have a bit of a story here…

We bought our sofas 20 years ago.

Yup, they were the first “real” furniture I bought and owned that wasn’t a hand-me-down. I loved those sofas, and they held up really well, but 20 years does take its toll and not even plastic boards under the cushions could bring back the firmness they once had.

It became difficult to get in and out of them, and the armrests were now at shoulder height because you’d sink so low.

It was time…

even Hubby agreed, so we went in search of our new family room furniture.

We did our rounds and tried several options from several stores and finally decided to go with two La-z-boys and 2 full-size sofas. We were given an estimate from Austin & Taylor and La-Z-Boy stores that came to $999.99 (sale price) for each recliner and $2,400 (sale price) for each sofa. That came to about $7683.98 with taxes in. (not including delivery)

WAAAAAY over budget. Blogging does not pay what you think.

Hubby said I should give Goettler’s of Dublin a call and see what they came in at, just to compare.

I phoned and asked for the exact models, colours, fabrics etc that I’d been quoted on at the other stores and my final price – taxes and delivery in – came to $4,080.71.

That is OVER $3,600 difference!?

Does that piss you off? That pisses me off.

That is one HUGE profit margin – knowing full well that Goettler’s is still making a profit at the lower price.

Everyone, this is my honest and sincere referral; shop for furniture wherever you like, but before you buy, call Goettler’s and see if their pricing is better. They deliver from Port Elgin to Waterloo and the rest of South Western Ontario – so you have nothing to lose, and potentially $3,600 to gain!

Okay – enough of my rant – back to my story:

I received a call about 5 weeks later saying that our recliners had arrived early – WAHOO! In preparation for their arrival, I decided to put my old sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman on Kijiji to see if there were any takers. I didn’t ask much, but more than I thought I’d get for them, and my assumption was that it would take months to unload them.

Not so – they sold same week. GREAT news normally, except when your other furniture isn’t expected for another two months.

Yes, for the past two months we have been living in two recliners, a bean bag chair and a patio loveseat.

Family Room 0 - 1

Plain ‘ole embarrassing. We sold the rest of the furniture that was originally in the room and some also had to go to the local tip, we had a great idea of how to do it all in one day, we hired a man and van service, so not only did he take all the rubbish and old furniture we didn’t sell to the local tip but he then delivered the rest of the furniture that we had sold locally all for the cost of one days work, a bargain or what!

Today, my babies arrived!

Again, I can’t rave enough about the punctuality, politeness and calibre of Goettler’s staff and delivery team.

Look at the gorgeousness!

Family room makeover

They are plain grey – but they are HUGE! We decided to forego the formal comfort of guests and go for sofas with a lot of snuggle room. If you come visit, you will have no choice but to put your feet up and cuddle in. We’re friends right? That’s how friends chat.

Family room makeover

I can finally post images of 1. a clean room (which never happens) and 2. of my attempt at decorating for Fall.

An honest-to-goodness adult room!

Okay, the coffee table (toy box) needs to go, but I was planning on attempting a build for that spot anyways.

Family Room - 8

Twenty years …

well worth the wait!

Family Room - 21

I’m so HAPPY!!

*Note: this is NOT a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my wonderful experience and savings, so I had to pass this along.

Have a great one!


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