I’m not sure that you guys like my “Fashion Fridays”?

Perhaps I was pinning them to the wrong boards to drive traffic?

Perhaps you weren’t in the mood for Spring outfits at the time I posted them?

Regardless, I’m going to offer up a few more amazing styles from the ladies at Pink Ink.

If you like – please let me know.

If you don’t – I’d like to know that too, and let me know what you’d rather see (more crafts, cleaning, recipes?)
I want this to be a blog you look forward to visiting each day – with things that interest and inspire you.

Having said that – I’m feeling pretty inspired by these new outfits!
Is it time to go Spring shopping yet?

This one has been styled two ways – the left uses more casual accessories for a daytime look and then with a few upgrades (and a shocking new colour) the same dress goes to evening.

Comfort and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive.
In this board Jen & Rita show us how an uber-comfortable maxi dress, paired with the right accessories and make-up, is amped up to Greek Goddess style!

I love just about every outfit that Pink Ink posts, but this one is a little closer to my style.
I love the use of the current aqua colour, but I also love the casual elegance of the neutral tote and chic sandal.
This entire outfit can be found at Maurice’s!

What about a shot of shocking pink?
Fun, flirty and those are some serious WTF heels!  (Want That Fabulousness)
Remove the jacket after work and head out for an end-of-day cocktail!

Thank you Jen and Rita – yet again you guys have inspired me.

P.S.  Check out the Pink Ink blog for their comparison of Mary Kay & Seacret products – and soon Arbonne and Luminesse!

  Have a great one!

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