Do you ever wish you had a personal stylist.

Do you ever NOT wish you had a personal stylist?

Someone to set out the perfect outfit so you’d leave the house looking hip and feeling like a million bucks.

This is just a part of what the ladies at Pink Ink do.
(If you haven’t checked out their site, then you need to.)

I put out a challenge to them to give me some outfits for the real world.
Real women, real Moms, real busy.

I asked for a relatively inexpensive store so that these outfits could be done on a “real” budget and this is what they came back with:

Activewear – because I think yoga pants have become a wardrobe basic.

 and Mom-on-the-go;

Now why can’t I go into my own closet and come up with this?

This was my attempt:

Yup – I’d leave the house in this, not even realizing that wearing a citrus rainbow and a pom pom hat might make me look silly.
I was pleased that the shoes and shirt matched – that’s more than I usually do – even in dress clothes. lol

Some people are just born with it I guess.

All clothing is from Old Navy and the jewellery is from Silpada.

Have a great one!