Father’s Day Cards

We had a rainy Sunday last weekend – which was good for my garden and lawn – but put a damper on any outdoor creativity.

Fortunately, we have Father’s Day coming up soon (June 21st), so it gave me both the opportunity and excuse to go down to my little craft studio and putter.

Hubby and I went and saw the Avengers movie a few weeks ago (it was good, but I prefer X-Men if we’re going sci-fi), and ever since I’ve been tossing around the idea of incorporating super hero into a Father’s Day craft.

I started with Superman’s colours and puttered with shapes.

Superhero Father's Day cards - Superman

Superhero Father's Day cards - Superman

Superhero Father's Day cards - Superman

Finally think I’ve got it!

The triangles from Superman’s chest crest, but laid out differently.

Superhero Father's Day cards - Superman



Cutting wings would have been too obvious, I want to go with the idea of superheroes without actually replicating their exact logo.

Superhero Father's Day cards - Batman

Not sure I nailed the Hulk though…

I was going for gradual transitioning.

Superhero Father's Day cards - The Hulk

Captain America was easy.

Superhero Father's Day cards - Captain America

Finally, Ironman:

Superhero Father's Day cards - Iron Man

What do you think?

Think Daddy will understand that he’s our hero?

Superhero Father's Day cards - Super heroes

The shapes on these cards are very simple – rectangles, circles, triangles – so kids could easily replicate or create their own versions of these.

Superhero Father's Day cards - Super heroes, Avengers


Super Hero Father's Day cards


Now I need to come up with gift ideas to follow the theme?


Have a great one!
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