All of the big design stores are touting their faux antlers, and faux fur pillows and throws right now.  I’ll pass on the antlers, but I do love the look of a cozy faux fur blanket and or pillow.  Something about it makes the couch extra-inviting.  It beckons you to light the fire, grab a cup and book and snuggle in for the night… and day… and night again.  I never want to leave.

Faux fur anything costs a fortune right now – except if you make your own.  I picked up a fabric ‘end’ that gave me more than enough to make four pillows and it only cost about $24.  That’s $6 per pillow, compared to Pottery Barn who is selling them for anywhere from $45 – $159 per pillow (depending on the size).

CRA – Z!


I’ve posted my envelope pillow tutorial before, but I’ll go over it again here.  It’s my favourite technique for making pillows because all you have to do is sew a straight line.  No zippers, buttons or snaps – just sew two sides and done!

First up, place your pillow form on the fabric and cut the fabric to give you an extra inch on both sides.

Envelope pillow tutorial - faux fur fabric

You’ll find one side of your faux fur has a finished hem – wrap that over the pillow first (fabric is inside out), wrap around the pillow form and then overlap with about 8″ onto the original fabric.


Envelope pillow tutorial - faux fur fabric

I’ve tried making these pillows without pinning and I almost always miss a layer when sewing.  Pinning all of the fabric into place will make sure that you get all three layers.  Sew a straight line down each side and reinforce if you wish.

Turn your pillow case right-side out and make sure that there are no gaps in the seams.

Envelope pillow tutorial - faux fur fabric

Insert your pillow form and you’re done!

Envelope pillow tutorial - faux fur fabric

I’m thinking that these are really the adult-equivalent of a stuffed animal…. soft, squishy and perfect for snuggling.

I should warn you though – the fabric itself (before you make a pillow with it) sheds…

a LOT…

Faux fur pillow 6

You wouldn’t want to make these before company arrives or if you’re wearing anything nicer than yoga pants.

Messy – but SOOOO worth it!

DIY Faux fur pillows

I may go search out another fabric ‘end’ to make a small lap throw with – I can’t resist the softness and warmth!

Have a great one!

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