Have you heard of this before?

It’s a party where your guests all bring bags of their favourite things to exchange with one another.

Who doesn’t love “goodie bags”?  
Who doesn’t love learning new things?
Who doesn’t love wine, laughter and friends?

Great – we’re agreed!  It’s a fantastic idea!

Favourite Things
printable pdf

I changed up the format a bit to make things even more interesting.

I posed a challenge that the bags had to contain 5 items:

A “Who” – a service that they highly recommend – be it an aesthetician, a caterer, a handyman, anyone.
A “What” – an item that they love.
A “When” – something you do when ___  (you’re tired, you’re splurging, your kids are making you nuts etc.)
A “Where” – someplace you love to go to
A “How” – your favourite recipe.

Why?  Because there’s so much we don’t know and referrals are the best way to find new places to go and new people to see.

Final criteria; your entire bag couldn’t exceed the $5 – $10 limit.

Each guest created 4 bags to exchange. 

This was my bag;



These were some of the favourite recipes that people shared:

(maybe I should have taken the photo before we devoured most of it?)

Since there were four bags and 11 people, Lisa had the idea to give out playing cards – Ace through Jack – and assign each bag a number/card.
She shuffled and dealt and everyone received totally random bags to take home.

We opened and shared them all together, so that the person that filled the bag was able to explain its contents.
We had two guests that couldn’t make it, but sent over messages with their loot.

There was wine, and chocolate, and products and business cards and a lot of the businesses that were approached to contribute contents included some kind of discount card (including $50 off personal training?!)

We ate, we laughed, we learned and we shared – it was wonderful.

I should explain – the moustaches were something that one of my friends gives out at family functions.  She said it was a favourite thing because it brought everyone together in laughter and created a lot of fun times that will be lasting memories.

 She was right.  (Kristyn, Sherri & Youjin – love the 70’s porn ‘stache!)


I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this.

Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening!

Have a great one!

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