Did I tell you I killed all but one of my succulents?

Yup, the ones we planted near Mother’s Day are all gone.

Worse still, one of them actually exploded.  I kid you not.  It was the one that looked like an aloe plant – I noticed one day that the branches/arms were looking swollen, so I touched one and POP!  Gooey water everywhere.

What kind of a person can’t keep succulents alive?  They are sold on the basis that they are hardy and “hard to kill”.

I’m so ashamed.

BUT, my new blog Goddess Lia Griffith has both paper and felt versions you can make, so I decided not to let on that I’m horticulturally incompetent, and fill my little bowls with the felt kind.

I can’t give you the printable files – they are hers – but I will give you the link to make these and more yourself.

These are two of the 6 templates she has here.

How to make felt succulents

There is a photo tutorial on how to glue each piece together – as you can see here, these branches needed a small snip in the centre and then were hot glued with one side overlapping the other.

Felt succulents 2

The hot glue process is a little treacherous… the felt is thin, so in holding each petal in place until the hot glue set, I managed to remove both my thumb and forefinger fingerprints.

This would be a great project for creating home decor before you go on a criminal spree!

But then if you were planning on going on a spree, you probably would be a little too preoccupied to hot glue your fingerprints off beforehand.

You might even be smart enough to just wear gloves and forego the hot glue pain altogether.

Or…. I guess I could have worn gloves when gluing?

Yup, it really takes me that long to do full-circle logic.   Not the sharpest knife in the drawer over here.

This part wasn’t in Lia’s tutorials, so I’m adding it here – I used a small dauber and added a darker colour to the plants.  For the purple, I darkened the edges slightly and for the green I darkened the centres.

Felt succulents 3

There is nothing in my house that is this green.
I may have to make a ton of these so the brightness can get me through the winter doldrums.

Felt succulents 4

I probably shouldn’t have, but to keep my family in the dark, I just placed each succulent right back into the bowl that had the dead ones – soil and all.

It’s dry, so it should be okay.

Felt succulents 5

I’ve seen wreaths made with these on them, and even a full wall picture covered in succulents.

Was it worth losing my fingerprints for?

I’d say so.

How to make felt succulents


Have a great one!

If teachers could tell the truth

If teachers could tell the truth

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