I don’t lose things.

Rather, I almost never lose anything.

I put things in the same spot so I always know where to look for them when I need them.


There are two things that I can never remember where I left….

1. Whatever I’m drinking.
I’ll take my tea into another room and forget it there, so I make another cup.  I lose that cup someplace else and by the end of the day there are usually about 4 teacups sitting in various rooms un-drunk.
Makes me crazy!

2.  My camera lens cap.
I put it down to take a photo and then get working on a project and I’m here, I’m there and the lens cap is lost.

An easy first-world problem to solve;

Hubby suggested velcro, which would have been fantastic – if I had any.

Instead I took a couple of pieces of the girls’ lego and hot glued one to the lens cap,

and another to the camera strap.

Now whenever I take my lens cap off I can just click it to the strap and it will never get lost again!

First, first-world problem solved!

When Dads are left unsupervised…


Have a great one!

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