A friend posted this on Facebook the other day and I think it’s just BRILLIANT!

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It’s an online challenge to run 2,015 miles this year.

I’m not getting any younger and the butt’s not getting any smaller, so a challenge like this would be good for me – for everyone really.

I do have to make some amendments to it though – I’m Canadian and really out-of-shape, so I’m going to change this to 2,015 kilometres (roughly 1,252 miles).  All of my tracking programs/pedometers etc are in km’s… that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

Another thing I’m going to implement for my program is the “team” program.
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Zero to 5.5 km’s per day – every single day – won’t happen.

Splitting up the distance and being accountable – even if it’s just virtually, will help me stick to my program.

Click over to the site to register and learn more about prizes and discounts, as well as receive a free tracking app.

I won’t be registering, not because I don’t think it’s a great motivator, but because I’m doing kilometres and it wouldn’t be fair to the other registrants, or a legitimate entry.

Instead, I’ll hit up my gal-pals and keep our own honour-system version.

Think smaller thighs, firmer butt, tighter tummy and healthy heart.
Think healthy pets, sexy swimsuit and being a role model for your kids.

THAT’s incentive!

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Thank you Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano for challenging us to be better and to get better!

Have a great one!