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Have you got Spring fever?

I do.

All it took was a couple of days of warmer weather and the hint of Spring on the horizon and I’m sick with it.

For as much as we attempt to implement “resolutions” at New Year’s, I always find it’s Spring when any fitness goals I’ve created seem to come into play. All my friends seem to be doing tennis lessons Raleigh NC and staying fit all year round but I can never seem to get into fitness until this time of year. I have considered contacting a few Personal Training Experts to help me get fit, but I haven’t got round to it yet.

Perhaps it’s the “12 weeks before you see results” mantra that has me worried I won’t have a waistline until June. Perhaps it’s the idea of new Spring fashions being touted in stores. Perhaps it’s just the ‘fever’ to get outside and DO something.

That time is now – let’s all step into Spring with a goal to get healthy with the inspiration of a new outfit to do it in!

Haven’t worked out in months, years even – not to worry – even a brisk walk can make a difference on your health and your outlook.

Depending on temperatures in your neck of the woods, you might not want to incorporate the head phone-ear warmer set pictured here, but it’s a cozy option if your weather is still cool. I don’t have a Fitbit just yet, but in researching this post I found that they aren’t as expensive as I’d assumed. The one in this picture is $24.99 – and having a record of your movements can be an excellent motivator. If you are thinking of getting something like a fitbit, then to help you make a decision, you can check out this article about how you can save some money with the Fitbit versa lite (just another great reason to why you should get a fitbit).

Walking outfit - available at SportChek

If you have a cardio regime already and walking isn’t your pace, the new styles of running gear are fantastic incentive to take your workout up a notch.

Running outfit - new for Spring 2015

Nike’s 2-in-1 shorts offer a compression short layer underneath a nylon shell. This is ideal for keeping pesky wedgies at bay and, for those of us without a thigh gap, for stopping any thigh chafing.

The most important tool for running is your shoe. You don’t have to buy top of the line ones but you should not buy based on price either. Think of the money spent on your running shoes as an investment in shin, knee, hip and lower back health – all of which can be severely injured without the proper padding and fit. Speak with a professional at the store before purchasing to make sure you are getting quality.

Looking for athletic wear that can crossover between activities? Check out these items that are suitable for running, walking, aerobics and yoga. Spring 2015 is full of cheerful citrus colours and geometric patterns. No more plain black track/yoga pants – incorporate a pattern whether it be via a print or even in the texture.

Cross training outfit - Spring 2015

My new favourite exercise is yoga. Low impact, but heavy on the muscle building and stretch aspects. I’m behind the curve when it comes to jumping on this bandwagon – perhaps if I’d had gear like this a year ago I might have started sooner?

These “Nike Legendary Lava tights” are the latest in yoga style. Beyond just the basic pant, these tout a shaped waistband that will stay in place during bends and stretches. No more worry of “plumber’s crack” showing. You can feel comfortable, covered AND tucked in.

Yoga fashion - Spring 2015

If you prefer form more than function, then fitness wear has gone to a new level of urban chic. Companies like Lululemon have taken the comfort and stretch of typical athletic pieces and have given them a chic edge. Asymmetrical hems and drop-crotch harem pants take your gym style to street style – and have you looking “athletic” whether you’re coming or going.

Urban Yoga - Spring 2015

If the styles and colours of these don’t leave you motivated to move, then nothing will.

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Have a great one!

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