Have you heard of “flip flop wreaths”?  Perhaps you’ve seen “flip flop daisies” on Pinterest?

I hadn’t heard of them until this:

Flip Flop Daisies

Click image to purchase


Click image to purchase


This site has so many and each one is bright, colourful, and fun – but they are a little pricey….

particularly since I found some flip flops at Walmart for 98 cents a pair!

Time to see if I can create my own… on a budget.

You will need:

  • 4 pairs of large flip flops
  • 4 pairs of smaller ones
  • hot glue
  • flat wood ring
  • dollar store bubble dish – or other centre of your choice

Flip flops

First up, you will need to create the ring for the flip flops to be adhered to.  We had scrap wood lying around, but I have seen the same rings at craft stores if you want to bypass the cutting.

I laid out the larger flip flops into a circle, making sure there were no spaces in between them, and then traced the heels.

From here, you can draw in your circles so that the flip flops will cover most of the wood.

Flip flop daisy 2

Cut with a jig saw.

Hot glue your larger flip flops to the wood backing.

Flip flop daisy 3

Don’t worry that you see a bit of wood here – your second layer of flip flops will fill in these spaces.

Hot glue your second layer of flip flops to the bottom layer (not to the wood).


Flip flop daisy 4


You can leave your wreath like this, with an open centre, or add a third layer of even smaller flip flops, or even a single pair side-by-side.

Flip flop daisy 5

I found a bubble dish at a local dollar store that looked a lot like a daisy centre, so I decided to hot glue it into place.

Flip flop daisy 6

Add vinyl lettering, sea shells, rhinestones – anything you like to decorate it up and then hang to welcome both summer and guests.  (The mirror is actually a candle base we found at Hobby Lobby)

Flip flop wreath 10


Eight pairs of flip flops at 98 cents each, $1 bubble dish and some scrap wood – less than $9 for a weather-proof wreath for your patio or front door!


Have a great one!

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