Last night I hosted my first-ever (but definitely not last) Freezer Meal Party.

group of women working on freezer meals

A what?
I hadn’t heard of this before some kind woman (Bonnie) posted an invitation in a Facebook group that I’m a member of, to have people come to her house and make 7 different meals in her kitchen.  She provided all of the utensils and spices and the guests just had to bring their own groceries.

Brilliant right?

I pounced all over this and asked if she would come and do one at my house, with my friends…  and yes, she brought all of her own utensils and pots and pans etc. here too.

group of women cooking

It was chaotic mayhem (normally redundant wording, but totally applicable in this case) – 6 ladies cooking at different recipe “stations” over wine and laughter – I hope we haven’t turned Bonnie completely off of ever doing this again.

3 women working at the stove

Bonnie is with Pampered Chef, so we did get to use the best-of-the-best in kitchenware, but this could be coordinated to work using just what you have in your cupboards.

As the evening progressed it got me to thinking of all of the possibilities for this – Hubby (our family chef) has been wanting to take an Asian-fusion course – wouldn’t it be great if you could bring a chef to your house to teach you and your friends?   Sure, you could go to a cooking school, but I’m not sure how they feel about the wine and laughter component that made it so much fun here. 

What about classes for teens/tweens?  Have your kids invite a few friends over with groceries for easy after school snacks – not cheese and crackers, but something they can make ahead and then reheat later.  Fun, educational and with real-life value that they can carry forward.

teenager working at stove

Some friends already had a freezer full of meals, so they just came to join us for the laughs – which worked out perfectly for me because I had Irene help me out and make half of my stuff.  (Thank you Irene!)

At the end of the night we had created (approximately) 16 meals – this is going to depend on the size of your family and how much they eat, but I had enough for 16 family-sized meals.

Barbecue chicken               Cheesey shells & Italian sausage
Beef stew                            Lemon Greek chicken
Saucy beef chili                  Potato corn chowder
Chicken cacciatore

several freezer bags labelled and filled with different dinners

Hubby averaged this out for me – and a lot of it will depend on the cuts of meat you get and if you can find them on sale – but it came out to roughly $3.50 per person, per meal.

As an added bonus – when you put 6 Moms in a kitchen you are guaranteed no mess to clean up afterwards. lol

Thank you ladies, and thank you Bonnie for a fun and productive evening!

McDonalds – you are off the roster!

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 Have a great one!

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