I don’t usually decorate for Fall.

I have a crayon wreath that I hang on the door for back-to-school, and we get a bit crazy come Hallowe’en – but nothing that would create a simple Autumn “welcome”.

Until now!

Front Porch fall 2 - 3

I won’t profess to having any kind of design talent, spacial awareness or even colour-coordination – you’ll have to find a design blogger for that – what I can show you is how I made the projects from this blog work into a warm Fall welcome for my front porch:

Creating a warm Fall welcome - Decorating your front porch for Autumn

Of course my scrap wood apple is the star of the show, but I have it sitting on my cedar crate, which is behind my Pottery-Barn knock-off lantern (tutorial on that to come).

Front Porch fall - 3

See the little black thing on top of the candle?  It’s a solar light – I drilled out the centre of the candle and just plopped it in.  When night falls, you can see a gentle glow coming from the candle – no batteries, no fuss – it turns itself off and on and charges all day.  I love this!

I could fill the crate with a hay bale or even some pumpkins for colour, but for now I’m enjoying the wood logs – they hint at a fire inside don’t they?

Besides, no need to go crazy with colour just yet (you can see I only have one small mum) – my summer flowers are still green and gorgeous, so I don’t want to take away from their display.

Front Porch fall - 6

Front Porch fall 2 - 4

What do you think?

Does this make you want to come inside for some warm apple cider?

And to think, I made almost all of it!  The bench (which you just catch a small glimpse of on the right), the concrete planter holding Vern the fern, the cedar crates and the large lantern.

If I’d been smart enough to plant chrysanthemum and ornamental cabbage seeds months ago, the whole thing would have been mine. lol

Front porch ideas - decorating for Fall

I’m kind of looking forward to creating a Christmas vignette now too.

Don’t worry, I won’t rush the season that much.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

Too funny

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